a random post about food shows.

It is one of my secret wishes to be Ree Drummond.

Joey and I have always watched cooking shows while we eat.  Always, always.  I prefer the competition shows, so our usual is Chopped.
But sometimes, if we don't have a Chopped recorded, and we've seen all of the Guys Grocery Games, we end up with the Pioneer Woman.  
Can I just hang out at my lodge, not even my home, its my lodge and cook for my family?

While we are talking about food shows (why am I, again??) my celebrity crush is Robert Irvine.

I love him.  Restaurant Impossible is my fave.  Tough guy with a heart of gold!

I also draw inspiration from Kris Jenner's fridge!

Her cookbook was my birthday present ;)
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I just don't want to forget this face

I was nursing Major one day and trying to take a picture and right when I was doing that, he stopped nursing and looked up at me like this.  I just want to remember this forever.  One of my greatest joys in life is the nursing relationship I have with my babies and what it provides them and that little face sums it up for me.
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Everyday 2015 :: 1

I fell off the "Everyday" bandwagon last year, and I want to try again this year.  I put too much pressure into doing it exactly on the right day or not missing taking a picture...this year I'm just going to go with what I have and not worry about it.  Some days will be missing, it may be months between postings, some pictures won't have dates...we'll just see what I come up with.

Jan 6:
Celebrating my 29th birthday.

January 7:
Shep using his screwdriver to "fix" his elephant.

January 8:
Really felt my "boy mom" status this day.  We got a new rug and the boys used the roll it came on to push toy cars through it and see how fast they could go.

January 9:
My husband loves himself a project.  I seriously have to be careful what I mention to him and make sure I'm really behind the idea, because as soon as I bring something up he runs with it and obsesses and will make it happen ;)  I think it was Tuesday or Wednesday I mentioned we should paint the living room white and brighten it up.  He went to Lowes on his lunch break the next day and Friday night he stayed up all night painting.  I love my handyman!

January 10:
Living room finished and my bro and sister in law came over while the boys were sleeping so we could go to dinner (Red Lobster).

January 12:
The best of friends, reunited after not seeing each other for about 3 weeks.

And later that day, when I decided it would be easy to do an exercise video and the boys would love doing it with me! Wrong.

Major: "I know you're in there!"

Spaghetti night approved.

January 13 (???)
Flirty face

Shepherd is developing such a fun little imagination.  He told me he was feeding his pet turtle.

January 17:
I wanted to grow Shepherd's hair out and let him be a little hippie baby and wear ponytails.  But for 2 reasons we decided to cut it.  1. It was just not working and was always in his eyes.  Plus he never let me put it in a bun like I wanted.  2. Twice we saw two different little boys, each with long blonde hair.  Both times Shepherd pointed them out and said something about it being a girl.  I told Joey, it's not like he goes around pointing out the gender of every person we pass.  I think he knew they were little boys, but he was confused by the long hair so he was bringing it up to kind of get my take on it.  We didn't want him to have any confusing feelings about why he was a boy with long hair (not that it was that long) so we just decided to cut it.

You have no idea how many pictures I take trying to get just one of him looking/smiling and it never happens.
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My Major is ONE

Somehow, even though it seems every day of the past year has been so L O N G...I feel like I blinked and just like that it was over. This has not been my easiest year...days are long but years are short, two less than two years apart, yadda yadda...but it has been one of the happiest.

A few pictures from last night when it hit me that I was going to put down my baby for bed and when he woke up he wouldn't be a baby anymore.  (I was crying and Shepherd came in the kitchen and asked what was on my face).

My Major William, you are ONE. 
You are the most joyful baby.  You aren't just happy, not just good natured, you are JOYFUL.
The day you were born was one of the two best days of my life.  But I don't know how it was a whole year ago.  To me you are still swaddled up in your blue blanket, sleeping in the bassinet right next to my side of the bed.  But you're not...you're walking and climbing and laughing and getting into everything.  You're pulling up on your brother and pushing him around in circles.  
My poor baby, you never have gotten the chance to wake up slowly.  You have a big brother who is ready to play with you, and so you always wake up ready to go.  No rubbing your eyes or laying around, as soon as I walk in your room in the morning you're making funny noises at me and jumping up and down.  You are ready to attack the day, my sweet little boy.
You are not a fan of cuddling.  I nurse you to sleep and you once you are done nursing you are ready to get in bed, no laying around for you.  If I try to cuddle you and hold you a little longer, you wake back up and are ready to party.  
We say you are going to be so tough, already trying to keep up with the big boys.  Sometimes you are a bulldozer and just barge your way through whatever toys are in your path, it is so funny.
You are such a good little eater.  You love food and trying new things.  You like to sit in the high chair and eat snacks and watch me clean up.
Music is your favorite.  As soon as a song comes on, you have a moment of recognition, like "Hey, its a song!" and you look at me in excitement and start dancing.  You already have some signature moves and you are so much fun.
You are obsessed with your daddy and thats ok with me, he is pretty cool.  You never move so fast as when Daddy gets home and you race to the door.  You walk around just saying "da da da da."
I may be biased, but I think you are the most handsome little baby boy I've ever seen.  You've finally started getting some hair and I think I'm going to have another blonde haired, blue eyed little boy on my hands.
I pray you always have a carefree spirit.  I pray you have a strong sense of who you are, and feel comfortable always being that person.  I love you unconditionally.  I pray you know early in life what your passion is, and I promise we will support it.  But my biggest prayer is for you to know Jesus, and know your life will be immeasurably better with him in your heart.
Major, you are tough, sweet, handsome, funny, happy, easy going...my angel on Earth.
My life's greatest achievement is you and my biggest blessing is getting to be your mommy.
I love spending every day with you.
Happy 1st birthday, My Maj.

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Logue Lovin

I am slowly trying to catch up on a few things I want to remember, one of them being Caity and Josh's wedding! 
This was all the way back in November, but oh well I am documenting all of the festivities now!

To begin, I co-hosted a shower for my sister in law:

Caity's Bachelorette Party:

The Rehearsal Dinner:

Wedding Day:
 Aren't they gorgeous?!
Caity wore the fur cape I wore in our wedding.  Ahh I love it!
My mother and sisters-in-law.  You can tell I'm the one who married in, haha! Blonde hair is a give away.

 Major loved all the music and dancing.
So did Shepherd!  This child is crazy.  This night he literally ran in circles for hours until my parent's finally took him home.  One of the wedding guests said she had been watching us all night and it took about 8 of us to wrangle him.  He likes to move, haha.
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11 Months with Major

I am so behind on everything.  This update is about 2 weeks late, so he will be a year old before I know it!  I also forgot to add a big milestone to Major's picture...this was the month he got his first tooth!  Right in the front on the bottom.
He wakes up multiple time/night...shew...this is just a season, this is just a season.  Luckily he goes back to sleep easily.
This month he flipped a switch and he is OBSESSED with his daddy.  Like, Joey will be holding him, and I'll ask him to come to me, and he will turn away and bury his face in Joey's chest!  I don't mind, I know he still loves his mommy.
Major is a big dancer.  He loves music.
He has started standing up on his own, without having to pull up on furniture.  He's taken a few steps on his own and then goes back to crawling.
To clarify...his nap times I put in the picture are on a GOOD day.  Like a really good day.  But thats what I kind of have in my mind to go for with him.

Some of my favorite pictures from Major's 11th month:

Celebrating Thanksgiving (Something else I've yet to blog about!)

 His face cracks me up here:

Trying to sneak into my suitcase...that little grin!
 He always sneaks into Joey's plants...catch me on a bad day and I swear Joey is going to find one of his tropical plants in the front yard!!
 Checking out the presents with his big brother under Gigi and Pappy's Christmas tree:
 I love the two of them giggling together...they really love each other.

Looking at the Christmas lights at Legion Park...his fat little face oh my gosh I love it.

Checking out the Christmas tree:

Trying to fit him into the outfit I had Shepherd in last Christmas...not going to happen ;)

Celebrating Christmas at Pop Pop's house

We went to Southern Lights and I let the boys sit in my lap while we drove through the horse park...Major LOVED it.  I thought he might get fussy and bored but he was so into the lights!
(The Horse Park here has a ton of Christmas lights on display, 4 miles long.  Don't worry we were going about 3 mile/hour inside the horse park or I would never let them out of their carseats ;)

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