11 Months with Major

I am so behind on everything.  This update is about 2 weeks late, so he will be a year old before I know it!  I also forgot to add a big milestone to Major's picture...this was the month he got his first tooth!  Right in the front on the bottom.
He wakes up multiple time/night...shew...this is just a season, this is just a season.  Luckily he goes back to sleep easily.
This month he flipped a switch and he is OBSESSED with his daddy.  Like, Joey will be holding him, and I'll ask him to come to me, and he will turn away and bury his face in Joey's chest!  I don't mind, I know he still loves his mommy.
Major is a big dancer.  He loves music.
He has started standing up on his own, without having to pull up on furniture.  He's taken a few steps on his own and then goes back to crawling.
To clarify...his nap times I put in the picture are on a GOOD day.  Like a really good day.  But thats what I kind of have in my mind to go for with him.

Some of my favorite pictures from Major's 11th month:

Celebrating Thanksgiving (Something else I've yet to blog about!)

 His face cracks me up here:

Trying to sneak into my suitcase...that little grin!
 He always sneaks into Joey's plants...catch me on a bad day and I swear Joey is going to find one of his tropical plants in the front yard!!
 Checking out the presents with his big brother under Gigi and Pappy's Christmas tree:
 I love the two of them giggling together...they really love each other.

Looking at the Christmas lights at Legion Park...his fat little face oh my gosh I love it.

Checking out the Christmas tree:

Trying to fit him into the outfit I had Shepherd in last Christmas...not going to happen ;)

Celebrating Christmas at Pop Pop's house

We went to Southern Lights and I let the boys sit in my lap while we drove through the horse park...Major LOVED it.  I thought he might get fussy and bored but he was so into the lights!
(The Horse Park here has a ton of Christmas lights on display, 4 miles long.  Don't worry we were going about 3 mile/hour inside the horse park or I would never let them out of their carseats ;)


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