a random post about food shows.

It is one of my secret wishes to be Ree Drummond.

Joey and I have always watched cooking shows while we eat.  Always, always.  I prefer the competition shows, so our usual is Chopped.
But sometimes, if we don't have a Chopped recorded, and we've seen all of the Guys Grocery Games, we end up with the Pioneer Woman.  
Can I just hang out at my lodge, not even my home, its my lodge and cook for my family?

While we are talking about food shows (why am I, again??) my celebrity crush is Robert Irvine.

I love him.  Restaurant Impossible is my fave.  Tough guy with a heart of gold!

I also draw inspiration from Kris Jenner's fridge!

Her cookbook was my birthday present ;)

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  1. I don't watch many food shows, admittedly, but I watched a really cool one in Germany last month!