Everyday 2015 :: 1

I fell off the "Everyday" bandwagon last year, and I want to try again this year.  I put too much pressure into doing it exactly on the right day or not missing taking a picture...this year I'm just going to go with what I have and not worry about it.  Some days will be missing, it may be months between postings, some pictures won't have dates...we'll just see what I come up with.

Jan 6:
Celebrating my 29th birthday.

January 7:
Shep using his screwdriver to "fix" his elephant.

January 8:
Really felt my "boy mom" status this day.  We got a new rug and the boys used the roll it came on to push toy cars through it and see how fast they could go.

January 9:
My husband loves himself a project.  I seriously have to be careful what I mention to him and make sure I'm really behind the idea, because as soon as I bring something up he runs with it and obsesses and will make it happen ;)  I think it was Tuesday or Wednesday I mentioned we should paint the living room white and brighten it up.  He went to Lowes on his lunch break the next day and Friday night he stayed up all night painting.  I love my handyman!

January 10:
Living room finished and my bro and sister in law came over while the boys were sleeping so we could go to dinner (Red Lobster).

January 12:
The best of friends, reunited after not seeing each other for about 3 weeks.

And later that day, when I decided it would be easy to do an exercise video and the boys would love doing it with me! Wrong.

Major: "I know you're in there!"

Spaghetti night approved.

January 13 (???)
Flirty face

Shepherd is developing such a fun little imagination.  He told me he was feeding his pet turtle.

January 17:
I wanted to grow Shepherd's hair out and let him be a little hippie baby and wear ponytails.  But for 2 reasons we decided to cut it.  1. It was just not working and was always in his eyes.  Plus he never let me put it in a bun like I wanted.  2. Twice we saw two different little boys, each with long blonde hair.  Both times Shepherd pointed them out and said something about it being a girl.  I told Joey, it's not like he goes around pointing out the gender of every person we pass.  I think he knew they were little boys, but he was confused by the long hair so he was bringing it up to kind of get my take on it.  We didn't want him to have any confusing feelings about why he was a boy with long hair (not that it was that long) so we just decided to cut it.

You have no idea how many pictures I take trying to get just one of him looking/smiling and it never happens.

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