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I am slowly trying to catch up on a few things I want to remember, one of them being Caity and Josh's wedding! 
This was all the way back in November, but oh well I am documenting all of the festivities now!

To begin, I co-hosted a shower for my sister in law:

Caity's Bachelorette Party:

The Rehearsal Dinner:

Wedding Day:
 Aren't they gorgeous?!
Caity wore the fur cape I wore in our wedding.  Ahh I love it!
My mother and sisters-in-law.  You can tell I'm the one who married in, haha! Blonde hair is a give away.

 Major loved all the music and dancing.
So did Shepherd!  This child is crazy.  This night he literally ran in circles for hours until my parent's finally took him home.  One of the wedding guests said she had been watching us all night and it took about 8 of us to wrangle him.  He likes to move, haha.

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