Everyday 2015 :: 2

January 23:
My little man turns ONE.

January 24:
Major's 1st birthday party...a "Winter ONEderland"

January 25:
Boys love to climb.

January 26:
They think its so fun to take the mattress out and jump on the bed.

January 27:
I think these guys are ready for a sleepover ;)

January 28:
Making a video of the boys singing "Happy Birthday" to their grammy (my grandma).

Later that day.  Had to take a picture of him wearing his onesie Aunt Caity bought him at the Central Park zoo.

January 29:
Hanging out at Mills' house.

^^^ Yall know I don't know anything about technology lol.  I don't know why I can't type above this picture.  ANYWAY.  Watching the PARENTHOOD finale.  Why oh why.  The best show in the history of television.  Why did you have to end???

January 31:
We took the boys to Joseph Beth and didn't stay long because we could tell Major didn't feel good.  The beginning of a LOOONG week with sick babies.

February 1:
Sick bug.

So I know any parent who has seen Caillou can relate.  That kid is THE WORST.  He whines about everything and everyone caters to him and he's lame and annoying.  Well it was Shepherd's favorite show.  We didn't want Shep picking up any of his behaivor...and he was (for awhile he was crossing his arms and saying "its not my fault"...total Caillou move!) so we told him Caillou moved to Canada and wasn't going to be on tv anymore.  Well then I felt bad about lying to him, so we literally sat him down and said, "Shepherd, Caillou is too whiney and its not very nice so we aren't going to watch him anymore."  He seems to accept that, except in this picture I caught him hiding under the table (with my gigantic glass of tea) and watching him in Spanish on my phone.  I captioned this on Instagram: "Caillou is a hard habit to break"

February 2:
Sick babies are the saddest.

UGHHHHH.   So Blue, went blind.  It literally happened in about 2 days.  Like by the time we realized it was happening it was too late.  So after MUCH DEBATE, on Monday morning Joey took her to the vet for a surgery to have both eyes removed.  This is Monday night.  Its really sad/weird, she literally does not have eyes.  She has to wear this cone for 2 weeks and then can have the stitches removed.  The boys are being very sweet to her, Shepherd even brought her his current favorite toy, his Snoopy stuffed animal and laid it next to her while she was sleeping.  

February 3:
I sent this picture to Tressie and said I didn't realize PROJECTILE vomit was a real thing.  I have never seen anything like what came out of Major.  It was like the exorcist.  So much vomit.
I kind of feel like I earned a mom badge: Be Thrown Up On By Your Child.
First time thats happened and I'm sure not the last.
(I threw up into by mom's hands when I was 26 and in labor with Shepherd, so it never ends!)

February 4:
I had finally taken Major to the doctor the day before.  Poor sweet baby has pneumonia, a double ear infection, won't eat or drink or nurse like normal, vomiting...oh he is pitiful.

The one upside to a sick baby, is he is quite the cuddler these past few days.  

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