Everyday 2015 :: 3

February 6:
Finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel...Major started to feel a little better!

February 7:
My mom was home with Major so we took Shep out to lunch at Culvers.  

Gigi reading Shepherd a bed time story.  Mom had already planned on coming into town to babysit while we went out Saturday night, but when Major got sick she came up a few days earlier than planned.

Ready to head out to Joey's work party.

February 9:
Shepherd loves to help in the kitchen.  Making banana bread!

February 10:
Peas and rice and cheese and crackers!

Still not feeling 100%. But that means I get rare snuggles and sleepy babies on my chest.

February 11:
Shepherd has started getting really into building things.  This was either a robot or a castle, I can't remember.

We were listening to music after dinner and Major was dancing.

Then we played with all of our trucks at the table...boy mom!

February 12:
Shep picking up Major...Shepherd thought this was hilarious ;) 

February 13:
He was in the best mood when I took this.

Gigi and Pappy sent them a Valentine's Day package and this was one of his gifts.  He insisted on taking it to the grocery with us.  Stocking up for the winter storm on its way!

Crazy man before bed.

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