Major's Winter ONEderland

UGHHhh I am the worst.  I didn't get any pictures of Major's 1st birthday party.  I would really like the be a put together, crafty Pinterest person, but I'm just not.  I try really hard sometimes, but its just not my true nature.  The thought of going all out for his party exhausted me, so it was much more simple than the energy I put into Shepherd's first birthday.
We had a Winter ONEderland theme, with 40 of our closest friends and family crammed in our house.  Little winter baby.

Also, it has not really snowed all winter, but the night before his party we got about 4 inches!  It was perfect because the roads were fine, but everything else was covered in white.

We started the day building a snowman!

Ready to party!  My cousin made his onesie!

Opening gifts

I didn't get any pictures of his smash cake.  It had snowflakes on it and just said Happy Birthday Major.

Goody bags my mom made for all the kids there!

Snowflake garland with a picture from every month.  Major is one of those kids who has always looked the same.  He looked the same at 4 months as he did at 12 months.  He's so funny.

And taken at approx baby is One :)


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