One YEAR with my Major man.

Major loves to play hide and seek.  His favorite spot to hide is in his closet, and behind the curtains in the living room.  He thinks he is so funny!  When he hides in his closet he is so quiet and serious about it, then when I peek in he erupts into giggles.
Major is so quick to smile and has a kind of goofy personality.  He will just walk around laughing to himself.  He has such a sweet and easy disposition.
He started walking at about 11 1/2 months!  I love that he just goes for it!  He literally plows through everything in front of him.  We call him a bulldozer.  He's very brave ;)
Major got sick for the first real time this month.  A pretty bad cold and cough that kept him up at night.  
He still wakes up so much throughout the night, but I would say it averages about 2-3 times/night. (It's been worse because of him being sick, but on good days its still 2-3 times.)
He usually quickly nurses back to sleep.  
I'm still surprised all the time by how different Major is from Shepherd.  Shep at his age wanted to nurse all the time.  Major really only nurses right before nap and bedtime, and then when he wakes up at night.  He's not a comfort nurser, and never has been.  
That being said, he loves to eat!  He loves bananas, strawberries, avocado, applesauce, breakfast bars, scrambled eggs, cheese, ham, bread, crackers, peas, mandarin oranges, spaghetti...really anything we give him he is happy to gobble up.
He has two little teeth right in the front on the bottom.
He loves getting into everything he's not supposed to and he thinks its hilarious.  He will literally run to get to something if he thinks I'm not looking.  Or Shepherd's toys, if Shep is playing with something he won't let Major have, as soon as Shep walks away Major makes a beeline for it.  
I love their relationship.  They are both a lot happier if the other one is with him.  The other day, Major woke up from his nap and Shepherd was sleeping, so Major went and sat outside his door with a book. Shep is always in a grumpy mood when he wakes up from a nap (so am I!) but if I send Major into the room first he starts laughing.  They already wrestle and chase each other.

We are so in love with this little boy!
Taken on Major's actual birthday.  That tongue...

So handsome :)

Some of my favorite pictures from Major's last month as a baby!

Major's first Christmas:

He loves his brother so much! He crawls all over him.

This particular time Major was climbing all over Shep, Shep just started patting Major and said, "I love you too, Maj."

Major started walking at about 11.5 months!

He thinks he's hilarious when he hides behind the curtains!


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