my fearless child

This kid loves to climb!

He drags that little red rocker around to help him get up where he wants.  Notice in the above photo how he is on the ARM of the ROCKING chair.  Love his little daredevil heart.
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parenting prayer

I've been thinking a lot about our children's emerging personalities.  
Shepherd has been going through a new phase, that is taking me by surprise.  Right now whenever we are around other people or in a new environment, he has been cautious and quiet and likes to know what he is getting himself into.  He is aware of other people's feelings and the things he picks up on I can't believe.  I took him to the library last week and he sat so still right next to me the entire story time, taking his time warming up to a new situation.  One night at dinner we were talking and I decided to ask him the high and low of his day, not knowing if he would really grasp the concept.  For his high he said something about eating fruit, which was a little random since all he had that day were some peaches, and I thought he wasn't really paying attention to me.  But then when I asked him his low, he got kind of sad and said "Grayson's truck."  I thought, "ok he's just making stuff up" because I had no idea what he was talking about.  I asked him to remind me because I didn't remember anything about Grayson's truck, and Shepherd said, "I broke it."  Then it hit me...earlier that morning, he thought he had broken Grayson's truck and brought it to me.  It was made out of Legos so it was supposed to come apart.  I didn't make a big deal of it at all, Grayson's wasn't upset, I just told him that it was supposed to do that and put it back together.  The fact that almost 12 hours later he was still thinking about that (not) broken truck that he thought was his fault, KILLED me.

Right now Major is becoming more of his own person every day.  He is fearless and curious and taunting.  He'll find something he shouldn't have and come to show me, then run away from me laughing.  He hates for me to be away from him.  If I walk outside to throw away the trash, he stands at the door and cries.  If I run to the grocery and I'm gone 20 minutes, I get the best welcome home anyone could ask for.  Sometimes, even though I'm their mom, it still surprises me how much they want me.  Like, me? I'm not that special.

I'm still figuring out who my children are.  But God already knows who they are going to be.
I don't have any idea.  
My prayer lately has been this. 
I want to parent each of them, love them, discipline them, etc., in the way they best understand and respond to.  And it will be different for both of them.
I personally don't have the most gentle spirit, so I've been praying for God to help me develop that fruit of the Spirit.

"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control; against such things there is no law."
Galations 5:22
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Snowed In

Now that Spring is maybe here to stay and all the snow has melted, I thought I'd get around to posting our snow pictures.  Including a million of Major in the same pose that will look the exactly the same to anyone (?) reading this, but to me they are all different and I'm obsessed with his little face! ;)

The first day I didn't let Major go outside because he was still getting over some sickness,.

Shepherd's ghetto parents put together this snow outfit for him. 

Snow Cream!

We ended up with over a foot.

He sat there and could not move.  So funny! I'm obsessed with him.

This was the cutest thing ever.

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who does Major look like?

I think Major definitely favors Joey the most, although he is going to get my blonde hair and blue eyes. (2 for 2!) 



When I saw this picture of my Papaw (who Major is named after) I kind of thought there was something similar about them.

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I save so many things to my phone to look at or talk are some recents:

We are obsessed with this show!  The season finale was last night.  SO GOOD.

I found this very accurate...I will happily tell Joey anytime he tries to rest just how long its been since I've sat down ;)

I love this quote from Meryl Streep, my goal in life.

I SO wish this was a real thing.  My favorite is obviously Kim's crying face.

On my bucket list: a drive like this.

Again, very accurate.

I'm adding this to my list of wreaths I will buy all the supplies for and then never actually assemble.

Love this quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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Our weekend

We had a pretty perfect weekend.
The weather was finally Spring-like after weeks of cold and snow.

Saturday morning we went to Mills' birthday party.  I think it was too early for these kids since every one of them sat still for this picture.

My pregnant best friend and our babies!
In less than a month Mills will have a little brother to join our crew.  We can't wait to meet him!  We are a boys club around here.

After the birthday party we went to Amy and Tyler's house to watch the UK game.  Shep loved being at Grayson's house.  When we were driving there he told us, "Grayson has a lot of toys." Haha! Yes he does and they are all trucks ;)

Sunday morning we got up bright and early for church and right when it was time to leave we ran into some constipation issues. (Ahem, Shepherd.)  So we waited that out and planned on going to the second service, but Major just couldn't stay awake that long.
That picture on the right...I walked into the bathroom and Shepherd had unrolled the entire roll of toilet paper.  He looks at me and says, "Its fine, Mom.  I'm just making soup. It's no big deal." Then pretended to read a magazine.  This kid is going to be trouble ;)
After Major woke up from his nap, we headed back to Amy and Tyler's to watch UK play in the SEC tournament game.  We won, of course ;)
Major and Gunner were happy to have a friend their own size.

After the game we headed to the park, but it was super crowded.  That just makes me so nervous.  All those people and tiny little spaces for toddlers to crawl.  It would be too easy to lose them!  So we decided to take a country drive and let the boys fall asleep in the car.
Beautiful Kentucky:
(^edited with the Glaze app^)

When the boys woke up we headed home and Joey broke out the swing.  Major was a big fan.  We spent the rest of the day playing outside.

It should also be noted that at some point this weekend, Joey took this picture of an angel:

I love weekends like this one.
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