Everyday 2015 :: 4

February 14:
Valentine's Day flowers
Our traditional Valentine's meal: Salmon, asparagus, baked potatoes, mac n cheese and Red Lobster biscuits.

February 16:
Our first big snow of this winter hits (and it never leaves...)

February 18:
Stuck inside

March 19:
"Ball pit"

I will never get tired of little baby butts stuck up in the air.

February 20:
From 5:00 to whenever Joey gets home, usually around 6:30 takes F O R E V E R.

February 21:
Snowing again.

February 23:
I'm going to do another post on this fearless boy.  He loves to climb!

Tomato sausage pasta for dinner.

February 24:
He realized he can remove the drawers and then climb up...terrifying!

My handsome boys!!!

More climbing.



  1. Oh my gosh- your picture of the 2 boys crying before Joey gets home from work is my night every night before Nick gets home... I always tell myself I'm not going to call him and see when he's coming home, but inevitably I do! My latest trick is to try and have dinner prepped ahead of time and go for a walk to the park so that everyone is contained in the stroller and mostly quiet!

    1. I'm so jealous of your weather! As soon as the snow from 2 weeks ago melted, we got a fresh 17 inches a couple of days ago. We haven't left this house in about 3 weeks. We're going crazy! ;)