(One) of my worst habits

I have the worst habit of not ever letting my children wear their cute clothes.  They have so many cute outfits, but I will literally look in their drawer and think "what do I not like?" and pick that out for them.  If its stained, even better.  My reason is that we aren't going anywhere, so no one is going to see them but me.  Within minutes whatever they have on will be dirty or drooled on or stained anyway, so I just put them in mismatched old clothes.  The problem with this (there are so many) is that I will literally let them outgrow stuff and they never wear it.  Take this outfit above.  It has his NAME on it, I can't even use it for hand me downs, but Shepherd put it on one time so I could take a picture before I made him take it off.  And I love it! But I have no memories of him wearing it because I thought it was too special.  I am crazy!!
Last time my mom was here, she made me go through all of their clothes and donate anything I didn't like, so that I would be forced to put them in cute clothes.  So I am doing better.  It is about to be Spring and I still have winter clothes that I never put on them because I was waiting for the perfect occasion.  I really dislike this about myself and I am trying to change! Maybe this blog post will hold me accountable!
Look at my last blog post and you will see what I mean about mismatched, pajamas all day, sweats over here!  


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