One of the nicest things a stranger said to me

One day I was at the grocery with both of the boys. After racing through my list as fast as possible, it wasn't until we were in line that Shepherd decided he'd had enough and wanted to climb out. I struggled to keep him in the cart, get the groceries on the belt and entertain Major so we could get out of there. I was so frazzled from it all and fighting back tears as we made our way to the car. I feel so stressed just going to the grocery, and guilt that we rarely do anything else exciting during the week. Keeping up with Shepherd is hard enough, but now that Major is walking too, my biggest fear is having them out in public and they run away from me in opposite directions. I've had my fair share of chasing Shepherd and it makes my heart race just remembering those times. (Specifically when he got away from me at the park once and I chased him uphill in flip flops towards a street.)
 Back to my story. We're walking out of Kroger and Shep is still trying to stand up in the cart. This woman is walking out next to us and asks me their age difference. I tell her they are 20 months apart. She looks at them and tells me that's the same age difference of her boys, but they are grown now. Then she looks at me and says, "It will get easier."

I wanted to hug her.  I cried as soon as I got to the car.  That made me feel so good.  For one, someone justifying my feelings of, OK this is hard! Its not just me!  Other people have a hard time too.
Also, it will get easier.

My wild and crazy, energetic boys::


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