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I stumbled on this old post recently.  In it I mentioned going to my first Le Leche League meeting.  How things change!! I hate how judgmental I was.  I was taken aback by the woman nursing an older child.  Now I AM that woman.  Except I'm even more extreme.  I'm tandem nursing an almost three year old and a one year old.  That was before Shepherd was born.  I wish I had known then all that I know now!

How about the Bachelor?  I can't even with Chris.  I thought I was going to like him, but he's no Sean.  He cannot put a sentence together.  I feel like every rose ceremony he is pulling names out of a hat.  How have we gone an entire season without our Bachelor having an interesting thought.  I hope Kaitlyn is the next Bachelorette.  We need someone with a brain after this.  I could maybe get behind Britt, too.  Maybe.
I went to see 50 Shades of Grey with some girlfriends.  I had started reading the book back when it started getting popular, but I didn't even get through the first chapter.  I can't stand insecure, whiney female leads and I didn't want to read an entire book about Anastasia (is that her name?).
Maybe I'm alone in this, but my FB newsfeed is filled with Southern Baptists, and leading up to the movie release I saw post after post about how this movie was THE DEVIL and it will do irreparable harm to your marriage to see it, and ON and ON.  None of these posts were from anyone who had read the books or seen the movie, mind you.  For a fleeting second I thought, "are they right?? am I making a mistake seeing this? will my marriage suffer??"
But I went and I can 100% report that in no way, shape, or form has 50 Shades made any impact on my psyche or soul.
The only way anyone sees this as hot, is that Christian Grey is attractive and a rich millionaire.  If anyone acted like that in real life, any girl would be running for the hills.
Thefatjewish agrees:

P.S You should follow @thefatjewish and @fuckjerry on Instagram.  So funny.

I'm writing this at 10:30 AM and everyone in my house is asleep.  Shep still has not woken up for the day, I'm pretty sure Major is getting sick, and Joey would sleep all day if I let him.

Speaking of sick.  Someone in this house has been sick since Christmas.  I blame the YMCA.  I joined solely for the childcare, so that I could have an hour of peace and quiet to myself on the treadmill.  It was a very expensive mistake because we've paid for it monthly ever since but I've been 5 times total.  I guess considering my kids never really go anywhere, they were not used to the germs and we cannot get well.  Maybe its not entirely the Y's fault, but anyway...
Friday night Joey and I were watching Gone Girl and halfway through Shep wakes up crying.  Joey went to check on him and calls me up there immediately.  Poor baby had thrown up all over his bed.  He had never vomited before so he was terrified.  I got him cleaned up and Joey stripped his bed and started the laundry.  From midnight to 2:30 Shepherd threw up 12 times!  He was throwing up about every 10 minutes.  We both just laid on the floor in his room with him, taking turns holding him.  Joey caught every single vomit in his bare hands.  That is a good daddy.  Finally I went to bed and Joey slept on the floor with Shepherd, where he threw up a few more times.  Saturday he threw up once in the morning and once that night.  Today is Sunday, so hopefully it is out of his system.  Now we are waiting to see who is next.

(Also: Gone Girl...I want to know what happens!!)

I got my hair done.  I know my smile is creepy.  Also #CBF.
I am still sorting through my thoughts on this.


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