last weekend.

I figured I'd continue the weekend recaps, even though I barely took any pictures and we didn't do anything super exciting!  Just a nice, lazy, catch up weekend.  Saturday we hung around the house all day, then got ourselves together for church.  We usually go to church on Saturday night if we can, because Major's naptime always coincides with Sunday morning church...also we are NOT morning people. ;) My children regularly sleep until 8 or later.  Today Major woke up at 9:15!

We had some time to kill before church, so we went to Lowes.  They were having a clearance sale on succulents, and my husband cannot pass something like that up, so we came out with 14 pots of succulents :)

Sunday I had one thing I wanted to accomplish and that was to organize the boys closets and put outgrown/out of season clothes in the attic.  After that was done, we spent the rest of the day outside with our new plants, haha!

Nothing too exciting, but I love being with my little fam.
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Putting my babies to bed

I never put Shepherd to bed anymore, Joey is in charge of him and I am in charge of Major.  But awhile back Joey had to work late, so I put Shep to bed.  Its rare for me to have real alone, quiet time with just me and Shepherd anymore.  So that night as I rocked him to sleep, I sat there holding and nursing him, his sweet little sweaty head, and just wept.  I told him sometimes people cry because they are so happy, and I was crying because I loved him so much.  One day we won't live in this house anymore.  The home we brought our babies home to.  The home where we lovingly set up their rooms, just for them and hand picked each little special item.  Stuff like that makes me so nostalgic and it hasn't even happened yet.  When I was putting him to bed that night, I could close my eyes and picture the exact way the furniture was set up when we brought him home, how I felt waking every few hours in the middle of the night, just me and him.  I remember being pregnant with Shepherd, and Joey and I were at Target one night.  They had that giant turtle for sale and there were a few animals to choose from.  We couldn't decide which one we liked the best, but chose the turtle.  Now its my baby's pillow.  All of those stuffed toys are his "friends."  Joey puts Shepherd to bed every night, but as he is getting his pajamas on I clean up his room and arrange all of his "friends" just so.  I know just where they go, who sits by who.  Its silly but its just a special little mama job and I love it.

(I took this picture awhile ago and we've since kicked the paci habit...but that one was his favorite.  He had a blue one too, and he called them his "blue and green brown pacis."  He had to have them both to sleep.)

Reminds me of this post!
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Everyday 2015 :: 8

April 10:
Major had already eaten his lunch, but he decided he was still hungry when he saw Shepherd's :)
(Sometimes the only way I can get Shepherd to sit still and focus on eating is to make him sit in the high chair and watch a show.)

April 11:
We always have so much fun at Eli's birthday parties!

All of the moms.

April 12:
Sunday we got up and headed to Danville to celebrate Easter with Joey's family and have an Easter egg hunt.  Major liked petting the goats.  I have a little video of him "baaaaing" at them :)

April 13:
Love pictures of this sleepy little boy.

That face! He gets it from his mama ;)

April 14:
Can you tell what they are playing with??  There are a few opened ones that I never could find again, so that has the potential to be really embarrassing in the future ;)

April 15:
My view at the gym.  

April 16:
Another day at the gym.  Thankful for an hour of quiet to myself...the real reason I joined the gym is for the childcare!

April 17:
Friday night, picking mommy flowers.

April 18:
Boys day at Keeneland!

April 19:
Nursing an almost 3 year old.

April 20:
My happy boy.

April 21:
This morning he woke up crying and coughing and I rushed in his room because he never does that.  He said "there is a cough in my throat! I need my honey medicine."
(I give him Zarbee's natural cough syrup)
I took him downstairs and sat him on the counter, right next to the leftover easter candy bowl, while I got out the medicine.  He says, "I need some candy.  Candy make me feel better."
Haha! Sure buddy, whatever you want :)

April 22:
My climbing child strikes again.  I rearranged Shepherd's room, since that seems to make them more interested in their toys again, and Major realized he could climb up the book shelf.  Now he is crying because he realizes there is nowhere else to go.

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2 weeks in

Found this old picture
2004 Joey and Jess...taken pretty soon after we met.
If I could go back and tell that girl..."just you wait," I wouldn't have believed myself.  So thankful for my life with this man!

11 years later:

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obnoxious mom brag

Shepherd loves to peel things...crayons keep him entertained for hours. I was making hard boiled eggs and decided to test out his skill. Come on! This egg is perfection! Completely smooth. 
This has got to mean something ;)

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last weekend.

(April 17-19)
Joey usually tries to get home a little early on Friday, so as soon as he got home we spent the rest of the evening playing outside.
^^ Top left: Blueberries!  Last year we didn't know that birds would eat every little bite and we lost every blueberry before it got past this stage.  But we have garden netting that will be arriving from Amazon today, so hopefully this year we get to eat our own homegrown blueberries :)
Shep picked me a flower, so then Major had to, too :)  Love being a boy mommy!
Wagon ride.  Major is the most chill little one year old.  He propped one arm up and laid back and enjoyed the ride.  At that age, Shepherd would have been climbing over the side around the entire block!
Shepherd wanted to eat his dinner in his play house.  He thought it was so funny for me to "deliver" it to him through the window.  You can barely tell, but I love his little grass stained feet.

Saturday we had a very long and full day, and could not believe what troopers our boys were.  They didn't wake up until 9am, so we got to sleep in a little.  
We got up and got ready to meet some friends at Keeneland, and it was perfect weather for it!

It was a boys day!

Matching outfits.  Please note Shepherd's toes ;)

This is the type of picture most people would delete, but I just think it is so cute.  

Our crew for the day, missing a ton of our usuals!

I will literally never get over these boys and their precious friendship.  They have so much fun together!    Holding hands on our walk to the bus to take us into Keeneland.

Shepherd sat in Whisman's lap and we could tell he thought he was getting away with something, riding on a bus and not being in a car seat and not sitting with us ;)  He pointed out every different type of car he saw, along with some trash and interesting people :)

Keeneland actually lets you pet the horses after they finish a race.  The boys loved it.

Checking out the crowds.

Taking a drink break.

They didn't forget about their 3rd partner in crime.  Again, the most CHIlLL baby.  

So after being at Keeneland all day, going on no naps, we decided to round out our busy day with a trip to the Hibachi restaurant to celebrate our friend Ryan's birthday!  The boys were surprisingly very well behaved and Shepherd even ate a little...I can never get him to eat.  Major on the other hand, ate everything we put in front of him.

There are 940 Saturdays from the time your child is born until they turn 18.  I think this was a Saturday well spent :)

I don't have any pictures from Sunday :(  After our busy Saturday, we took it easy.  We went to church in the morning and spent the rest of the day resting.

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Everyday 2015 :: 7

March 30:
He loves this little chair.

March 31:
Ice cream and park date with Aunt Caity

April 1:
Playing in the waiting room before Shepherd's first dentist visit.

April 2:
I told him to smile for a picture and he does this??  Haha!

April 3:
Major climbed up in Shepherd's chair to steal his drink.

April 4:
Gigi and Pappy's house.

Easter service.

Watching UK play in the Final Four game.

April 5:
Checking out their Easter baskets :)

Easter lunch at my parent's house.

April 8:
My mom and sister came up to spend a few days with us.

Full hands, full heart :)

April 9:
Grammy and Shepherd

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