Easter 2015

We went to my parents house for Easter weekend.
We decided to go to church on Saturday night, since that seems to be a little easier than getting everyone up and ready in the morning.  When we walked into church I was a little disappointed.  It just didn't feel like Easter, especially since we were one of the few families at church on Saturday, considering the Final Four game was in a few hours.  But I'm glad we went, because I thought about Easter in a way I never had before.  As a Christian, I feel it...He is RISEN.  Because even though "the Easter story" could feel redundant, I can always get something new out of it.  Jesus is Alive.
I'd never really thought about Saturday before.  The day after Jesus died on the cross, the day before he was risen from the dead.  I'd never thought about what an awful day that would have been.  But on that depressing day, when it probably seemed like all hope was lost, God was doing his BIGGEST, most important work.  How reassuring is that, when we have bad days, weeks, years, God is probably, if we let him, doing his biggest work in our lives.

Some pictures from our weekend:

Saturday morning, in our Wildcat gear! 

We went to a carnival put on by a local church.

My grandma pushed Major around in the stroller because he was exhausted, so he napped through the fun.

The hit of the day was this car ride.  Shepherd rode it three times.

Major and Daddy:

Easter service on Saturday night:

On Saturday night, after the boys were in bed, we stuffed eggs and sat up their Easter baskets.  As I was hiding eggs, I had a little moment.  Like, this is it.  I love all of my little "mom jobs," and hiding the Easter eggs is one of them.

Saturday night, our Cats played in the Final Four game...and tragically lost :(

Sunday morning checking out their Easter baskets.  I forgot to get a good picture :(  Shepherd is obsessed with eggs, thanks to Youtube videos from Disney Egg Collector.  If you have a toddler, you probably know what I'm talking about!

Sunday afternoon we had our family over for lunch and an egg hunt.

Checking out his egg hunt prizes.

The masks were a hit :)

Mom dressed up like the Easter bunny and I decided to continue the tradition of terrifying my children by forcing them on her.  Look at Major recoiling, haha.

Very similar to last year.  Mean mommy!!

Happy Easter :)

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