Everyday 2015 :: 5

This was over a month ago, but oh well...and some dates I don't remember!

February 26:

Stinkers x2.  I left them for a few minutes to put away laundry uninterrupted, and Shep had reached over and opened a brand new thing of wipes and completely emptied it...

He loves all of his cars!

Feb 27:
The night he woke up with the stomach bug :( Threw up all night long and Joey slept on the floor of his room with him.

Feb 28:
Feeling a little better the next day.

Feb 28:
Sending selfies to Tress from the salon bathroom after I got my hair colored.

Ball pit

He LOVES to pretend to vacuum.

My climbing man.


March 5:
Trying to get a picture of them together.

Cheap entertainment.

I know you're in there, Dad.

March 8:
Trying to get a picture of their cute outfits and this was as good as it gets.

March 9:
Obsessed with his new cowboy boots.

March 10:
Finally warm enough for a walk.

March 11:
The best of friends.

Park fun.

Fondue night.  His expression kills me.


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