Everyday 2015 :: 6

March 12:
I am obsessed with this little boy holding his own with the big kids.  I literally could just eat him up.

March 14:
The boys playing while we watch another Wildcat win ;)

March 15:
Playing outside.

March 16:
Walking at the park.

March 17:
Playing on the deck.

March 18:
Got my Pre-order copy in the mail.  I love this book and her blog!!

March 19:
Painting after library story time.

March 20:
Always into something.

March 21:
After watching the UK game (another Win...won't get tired of that ;) we all headed to the park.
I'm sensing a theme lately!

March 22:
I know its dark, but this is a picture of Joey trying to get the boys to come inside for dinner.  As soon as he gets one in, the other is out the door.  They love to play outside!

March 25:
Kind of obsessed with this little life I'm living :)


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