Everyday 2015 :: 8

April 10:
Major had already eaten his lunch, but he decided he was still hungry when he saw Shepherd's :)
(Sometimes the only way I can get Shepherd to sit still and focus on eating is to make him sit in the high chair and watch a show.)

April 11:
We always have so much fun at Eli's birthday parties!

All of the moms.

April 12:
Sunday we got up and headed to Danville to celebrate Easter with Joey's family and have an Easter egg hunt.  Major liked petting the goats.  I have a little video of him "baaaaing" at them :)

April 13:
Love pictures of this sleepy little boy.

That face! He gets it from his mama ;)

April 14:
Can you tell what they are playing with??  There are a few opened ones that I never could find again, so that has the potential to be really embarrassing in the future ;)

April 15:
My view at the gym.  

April 16:
Another day at the gym.  Thankful for an hour of quiet to myself...the real reason I joined the gym is for the childcare!

April 17:
Friday night, picking mommy flowers.

April 18:
Boys day at Keeneland!

April 19:
Nursing an almost 3 year old.

April 20:
My happy boy.

April 21:
This morning he woke up crying and coughing and I rushed in his room because he never does that.  He said "there is a cough in my throat! I need my honey medicine."
(I give him Zarbee's natural cough syrup)
I took him downstairs and sat him on the counter, right next to the leftover easter candy bowl, while I got out the medicine.  He says, "I need some candy.  Candy make me feel better."
Haha! Sure buddy, whatever you want :)

April 22:
My climbing child strikes again.  I rearranged Shepherd's room, since that seems to make them more interested in their toys again, and Major realized he could climb up the book shelf.  Now he is crying because he realizes there is nowhere else to go.


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