i have always said this!

I have always said this!  Joey and my sister can attest, if they ever ask my opinion on what they are wearing or something, I will say, "No one is looking at you."  My sister says I'm rude, but its so true!
This is also why I never let myself get embarrassed about anything, because I know everyone is more worried about themselves than what I'm doing.

Once, Joey and I were with another couple and we took a group picture.  After we all looked at it, we each admitted that we only looked at ourselves and didn't pay attention to what anyone else looked like.
I thought that was interesting, both men and women are only worrying about themselves.

Think about it, if I see someone do something dumb or embarrassing, I might notice, but I'm not going home thinking 'oh my gosh ___ was such an idiot.' So I've always assumed that if thats how I think, other people probably think the same way too.  As in, NOT thinking about you.

Also, this is so accurate:


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