last weekend

This past weekend (3/28) was a full one.  I like to keep the boys busy on the weekends, because during the week we don't get out much.

I didn't get any pictures, but Saturday afternoon, we went to a birthday party for Gunner, our friends Ryan and Sarah's son.

That night, after the boys were in bed, Caity and Josh came to stay with them, and we went over to Amy and Tyler's to watch the Elite 8 game and a CATS win ;)
To celebrate her birthday, Amy wanted to go back to Saddle Ridge, which was our FAVORITE bar in college.  We haven't been in years, but it was just as much fun ;)

Sunday morning we got up and headed to Newport to meet my family.  We took the boys on their first trip to the aquarium.  

One of Shepherd's favorite things about the aquarium was climbing up and down these stairs.  Also, a coke machine. 

In the jellyfish room, they had a wall with swimming jellyfish projected onto it.  This is Shepherd running to tell me he caught one :)

Right after this a shark ray (???) came out of nowhere and scared all of us and Shep said, "Put me down, I don't like sharks!"

Major was there too ;)

My dad and grandma were there too!


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