last weekend.

I figured I'd continue the weekend recaps, even though I barely took any pictures and we didn't do anything super exciting!  Just a nice, lazy, catch up weekend.  Saturday we hung around the house all day, then got ourselves together for church.  We usually go to church on Saturday night if we can, because Major's naptime always coincides with Sunday morning church...also we are NOT morning people. ;) My children regularly sleep until 8 or later.  Today Major woke up at 9:15!

We had some time to kill before church, so we went to Lowes.  They were having a clearance sale on succulents, and my husband cannot pass something like that up, so we came out with 14 pots of succulents :)

Sunday I had one thing I wanted to accomplish and that was to organize the boys closets and put outgrown/out of season clothes in the attic.  After that was done, we spent the rest of the day outside with our new plants, haha!

Nothing too exciting, but I love being with my little fam.

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