Major at 14 months

I find myself going back searching for what Shepherd was doing at this age, just to compare.
The other day I was trying to find out at what age Shepherd started sleeping through the night, because up until a couple of weeks ago, Major had still been waking every 3ish hours.

A few things about this age:

Starting with sleep:
For his first 6 months of his life, he slept better than any newborn should sleep.  He was sleeping through the night right up until 6 months, when he started waking every hour.  We moved him to his crib at 6 months and stopped using the swaddle and he slept a lot better for maybe a month or so.  From about 6 months - a few weeks ago (14 mo) he woke up every 3-4 hours, every single night.  I would wake up with him every time, nurse him and he would fall right back to sleep.  (But then I would a lot of times have trouble falling back asleep after being awake for 10 minutes.)  A few weeks ago, I decided to make Joey get up with him instead, and wouldn't you know it, that little stinker slept right through the night within 2 days.
So 14 months was the magic number for him!   He will occasionally wake up once in the middle of the night, but it is so much better now!  He wakes up around 6 and I nurse him, then he goes back to sleep until about 8:30.  Both of my boys are late sleepers!

He naps around 9:30/10am and 2:30/3 on a good day.  Usually about 1.5 hours each if I'm lucky.

Bedtime is between 7-8 depending on how well he's napped and what is going on.  Joey does bathtime and pajamas, and then I nurse him to sleep, which takes between 5-10 minutes.  He has always been the fastest nurser.

He is so much different from Shepherd in regards to breastfeeding.  He has always been quick and efficient, even as a newborn, he would nurse on each side and be done in about 10 minutes.  Shepherd always took forever to nurse and just wanted me to hold him forever.  Major gets full and is done.  He only nurses before bed and naps.

After Major's 1st birthday, his little personality really started to emerge in FULL force.  Now, he is still my little angel, but I don't know if "angelic" is how one should describe him ;)
This boy is rough and physical.  He likes to hit and I'm not sure if there is anything I can do to stop it.  Joey jokes that Shepherd flinches every time Major walks by.  When he gets mad, he literally bangs his head on the floor.  One day he had my phone and I realized he was calling someone.  I jumped up and grabbed it from him to hang it up.  He threw a fit!  I gave him the phone back to make him happy, but he was so mad that he threw it at me!

He loves to climb.  If I put him on the couch, he thinks he is so BIG, and laughs and laughs.  He can climb onto the table, which is terrifying.  He is very determined...we were at my parents house and they have tall chairs at their dining room table, and he kept trying and trying until he finally got up them on his own and was up on their table.

He loves to bring us books to read and climbs up in our laps to listen.  But he only makes it through one page before he goes back to get a new book.

He loves to go on walks and being outside.  He will run to the swing in the front yard.

Two of his favorite toys are his little red rocking chair that he uses to climb on, and the vacuum attachment that he uses to pretend to clean :)

He is always happiest when his brother is playing with him.  Their little budding friendship makes me so happy.  They crack each other up.

He says 5 words consistently:


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