a little note about this blog.

I have been blogging for EIGHT years!  I actually started in 2008 and didn't tell anyone.  I guess back then blogs were kind of new?  And I thought people would think I was a self absorbed weirdo to blog.  But I would read all of these other blogs of people I didn't even know and loved reading their little daily updates, and decided I might as well start one too.  I couldn't think of a name for it, so I just googled quotes and found one I liked and that is how this blog got its name.  I have wanted to change the blog name forever.  I have had a new name picked out for a few years but I barely know how to turn on a computer, let alone change my blog name ;)
  I actually blogged without telling anyone until about 2011.  I think 3 people knew, including Joey who never reads this thing!  When I did actually share that I had a blog, I went back and deleted pretty much every post I had ever written so that I could start fresh.  Why?? Why did I do that?  I could have just reverted them to a draft, but no I actually deleted them.  I need a lesson in how the internet works.

And because it feels weird not to have a picture with a post.
2008 // today.

And because I remember random things of no importance, this picture was taken the night I set up my blog. I was home for Christmas!



  1. You sound like me! Though I've been "blogging" since I was 14! Whoaa. I can still track most of those posts down, though I cringe when I read them so it's usually just better to not go archive diving. ;) It was definitely a secret shared only with "internet" friends for years and then one day I decided I just didn't care and I was going to tell everyone. :) Sometimes I regret that! Haha.

    If you ever need help with anything, let me know! I'm not super experienced with Blogger stuff but I can usually figure things out.

  2. 14!! That is so cool. And I'm
    Sure cringe-worthy ;)) Girl I need all the help I can get, haha! We should meet up one night and talk blogs and babies! :)