Everyday 2015 :: 10

May 1:
To the moon!

May 2:
Derby Day in the Bluegrass!

May 3:
Jumping on the trampoline at our cousin Reece's birthday party.

May 4:
They think it is hilarious to wrestle on the couch.  Major is a little bulldozer.

May 5:
Daddy's home!

May 6:
Brownie buddies!

May 7:
While I was watching Shep and Grayson play, I kept thinking about how big our yard must seem to their sweet little boy minds as they run around exploring.  TEAR!

May 8:
Once Joey got home from work, I ran out for something and when I got back they thought it was so funny to jump out of this box and "scare" me.

May 9:
Shepherd's birthday party!

May 10:
Shepherd's actual birthday.  He's three!

May 11:
Why do I think this is so cute??!


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