Everyday 2015 :: 11

May 12:
We sure do love Grayson!

May 13:
Can't believe its already time for this!

May 14:
Rough housing little boys!  Actually they were dancing :)
May 15:
The newest member of Paw Patrol!

May 16:
Our long weekend at Pappy and Gigi's.

Bathtime at the grandparents!

May 17:
Little boy treasures.

May 18:
Long walks to wear out these crazy kids :)

May 19:
River fun.

May 20:
He stayed like that for about 20 seconds ;)

Almost everyday we go to the gym and almost everyday he falls asleep on the way there...

May 21:
Why is it so cold?!

May 22:
Hanging out at Mills' house.  Sometime after this Shepherd threw my phone in this water table and Tressie found it who knows how long later :(  

May 23:
(This was taken on Joey's phone...mine was still sitting in a bowl of rice trying to dry out!)
So we were playing in the front yard and Joey was pushing Major in the swing while we talked to the neighbor.  We looked down and this sweet angel fell asleep.  This has never ever happened! He was sooo cute :)  I said, "I am going to go eat him." and Shepherd was like, "You're going to eat Major!?"

May 24: 
My phone started working again!! :)
Major took the hardest little tumble.  This picture does not do that purple bump justice.

May 25:
"Ohhh Myyy Goshhh!!!"
The bubble wand was a big hit :)


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