last (long) weekend.

I haven't blogged all week, because I was out of town until Tuesday, and I still don't have it back together.  Last weekend, Joey was out of town for a few days, so I packed up the boys and Blue and headed to my parents for a long weekend.

Saturday morning we went to a Storybook Breakfast benefiting the Dolly Parton Imagination Library.  We love getting our Imagination Library books in the mail!  Kids were supposed to come dressed up as their favorite storybook character.  Since I found out about it Friday night, we threw together a "Cowboy and Indian" theme for them.

The highlight for the boys were these balloon swords, which Major immediately popped his in the car, and they spent the rest of the weekend fighting over Shepherd's ;)

Sunday we had family over for a late Mother's Day celebration.  Pappy found a little birds nest with a (broken) Robins egg in it.

Shepherd always has so much fun with Jack! (My cousin's I don't know what that makes him to Shep...2nd cousins??)

Sunday afternoon, Hallie and I went for pedicures!!  

Then came home and went on a wagon walk.  The boys loved this wagon.

Monday morning, my grandma and I took the boys to the library for story time.  They had separate story times for their ages, so Grandma stayed with Shep and I took Major to the 2 and Under class.  Major was done first, so we snuck back into Shepherd's room.  Every child in the 3-5 class was quiet and calmly playing with blocks on the floor, including Shepherd.  Well, I bring Major in and he runs to the blocks and immediately starts throwing them in the air.  It was funny how he got Shepherd all riled up, and they both turn into little crazy kids.  We left shortly after Major hit another little boy in the head with a flying block ;)

After story time we went to Walmart for an oil change, and tried to entertain them for 45 minutes in the toy aisle.  This was when my mental state started going downhill...
Major climbing up on the 2ND shelf trying to get a ball.  2ND!!

Back to Gigi and Pappy's.

Hallie and I took them on a walk in an effort to wear them out.

I captioned this on Instagram:
"Definitely my children... #sideeye"

Introducing Shepherd to "Mean Dog Lane."  Hallie and I used to ride our bikes through this little alley and there was a mean dog that lived in one of the houses.

Took them to the middle school and let them run wild on the track.
After they ran around the football field, we started the about 5 block walk home.  Wearing them out worked, because they BOTH insisted on being carried the entire way.
Tuesday morning at the river.  Going to the playground in another attempt to wear them out so they would sleep on the drive home.

My worst fear: Them running in opposite directions when I'm by myself.

The park worked its magic...both boys slept 3 straight hours in the car ride home :)

P.S. I am so thankful that both boys slept so well at my parents house.  They actually slept better than they do at home.  I'm sure all the running helped!



  1. Your boys seem so sweet and adorable!

    1. Thanks, Kelsey! I think they're angels, but I'm biased ;) Haha!