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I love this quote!  I want to give my kids opportunities to explore and learn about themselves so they can find what they are passionate about, then help them to reach their full potential.

I get email devotionals everyday from my church.  When I got this one, I just thought it did a good job of explaining for me, why I am a Christian.  Of course, I could go into a million details in a million directions, but this summed up something I've wished in the past I could have better articulated when asked about my faith.  I want to remember this...
"Will I groan with hope or without? I have resolved that to groan without hope is unbearable.  I need there to be a remedy, and I believe it's Jesus."
My hope is in Jesus and I couldn't make it without that blessed assurance.

If I can remember to think of the day to day life of mothering as "worship in action," I'll have a lot more patience when I've pulled Major down from climbing onto the table for the 100th time in a row.
"Dear friend, you are doing hard work, dirty work, tedious work.  Work not seen or applauded by many.  But you are doing the most important work, the highest calling.  You are raising a generation.  And in the midst of that sacred work, God sees."

Once Major is consistently sleeping through the night, it is my goal to become a morning person and wake up early to have quiet time before the day starts, instead of after its over.


I absolutely love this!!!  I don't believe in soulmates, I believe in choices.
"I didn't marry my wife because she's The One, she's The One because I married her."


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