Shepherd's 3rd Birthday Party

We celebrated Shepherd's birthday this past Saturday.  His past two birthdays it has rained on his party day, so we were so excited that it was beautiful this weekend and we could have everything outside.  We had about 40 people at the party.  I love that Shepherd has had a circus themed birthday party every year.  So much fun! And I love that he has a hashtag that works every year.  I love looking back on all of his party pics on Instagram :)

The invitations:

Major loves to climb up on the table and he just couldn't wait for Shep to blow out his candles, he snuck his own little cupcake early! 

Heart. break.  The entire time we sang happy birthday he stared down at the toy he was playing with and wouldn't look at anyone, then the picture on the right was his face when he looked at me after the singing was over.  

I just need to document that my best friend and I have the same hair color, and this has been my lifetime goal ;)

Took a little joy ride around the block in Pop Pop's jeep!

So in love with my little family and thankful for a day of friends and family celebrating my boy!


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