summertime TV

In the summer, when most shows are on hiatus, Joey and I always fall into a routine with a few shows. I look forward to these shows all year!


I talked about my love for this show before, here.
This is the 3rd season I've watched and it hooks me every time!
It comes on 3 nights a week, so we save them and watch them all at once on Thursday nights.


We also have a love for reality shows based around food, and this is a fave!  


We usually end up picking a series to binge watch, since we don't have that many shows.  Binge watching The Walking Dead changed my life.  Seriously, the best show ever.
This summer we chose OITNB and we really like it.  Still on Season 1.

Of course, I also have The Bachelorette, but Joey doesn't really watch it with me.  I make him sit with me but he usually downloads music while I watch.  
Shawn has been my favorite this whole time, but Chris H is coming up strong.

Joey prefers to watch Alaskan Bush People when he has the TV to himself.
I don't get it either.

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leaving our first home.

It is 1 week away.  ONE week.  
It kind of hit me about a week ago.  I looked at my calendar and realized we only had 2 weeks left in our house.  And I had a little middle of the night cry sesh.  
I have always gotten crazy attached and sentimental about homes.  I have cried every time I've moved anywhere, dorm rooms, apartments...I cried when Joey moved out of the house he was living in when we met.
Leaving this house is very emotional.  When we bought this house it was so outdated and needed a ton of work.  And most of that work has been done by my husband.  I just am thinking about all of the work he's done, from landscaping to painting to laying tile.  It is sad to leave a house that we made a home.  When we were house hunting, and we came to look at this house, I didn't even want to go upstairs.  We had more houses on our list and I didn't want to waste our time.  I thought that drug dealing squatters were crashing in the house and couldn't imagine living in it.  It was SO outdated, with the original stove and saloon doors going into the kitchen.  But Joey was sold on the backyard, and I've told him, as hard as it is for me to admit ;) he was right.  No other houses we were looking at would have been as good as this one.  
I can't even get into the fact that we brought our babies home here.  I remember each day.  First Shepherd, and it was hot and our front door was painted yellow, and we came inside and just stared at him, not really sure what to do.  And Major, it was the most snow I've ever seen and freezing outside, and Shepherd had his awful little buzz cut.

Never again seeing their sweet little nurseries that we put so much time and effort into...kind of makes me want to weep.
Thinking of all of the parties and dinners we've had here.  Such fun times.

When I was having my little midnight cry sesh, I had this thought.  I pray that in a year or two or ten, whenever it is time for us to move on from wherever we live in Utah...I hope and pray I am doing the same thing.  Crying in the bathroom at midnight to be leaving a house we've made a home and moving on.  That will mean we did it right.  I've said this before...time is going to pass no matter what, and I ache for some of the past, but all I can do is make every day the best and have those memories.

We were never going to live here forever, but this house will always be so special to me.  I will probably attempt to internet stalk whoever buys it hoping for pictures of the house and drive by it every time we're in town.  Lets be honest ;)

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Everyday 2015 :: 13

June 10:
Met up with Tress and Mills at the bookstore. 

June 11:
Getting the boys into our pediatrician, who we love, one last time. One hard thing about moving is leaving all of the doctors it took me forever to find. I finally have every type of doctor, someone I love. 

June 12:
This was our view every day this week. Cleaning out the garage took forever. Made $21 off some woman thinking we were having a garage sale ;)

June 13:
House is finally officially on the market. (Actually we just had the sign...took a few more days to get it listed. Why does everything take so long!)

June 14:
Just enjoying sitting alone in the front porch!

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We're Utah!

So for the past month or so our life has literally been crazy!  We have some big news:

Something I never thought I would say...
We are moving to UTAH.

I don't know where to begin.  
Joey got a job offer with Coca-Cola, and he starts July 13.  We will be out of our house in about 3 weeks!!

We've been working like crazy to get our house ready to put on the market.  (I am so mad that we did not do some of these things 5 years ago so we could have enjoyed it!)
They are covering all of the moving costs, including having the movers pack for us.  I am so thankful we are not having to worry about packing everything right now.
We will be renting in Utah to begin with, but we don't have anywhere to live yet.  Joey will be driving out there the week before his job starts, and hopefully quickly finding us the perfect rental.  They are providing corporate housing, so he will live there until he finds somewhere and gets that straightened out.  In the meantime, the boys and I will be staying with my parents.  Once Joey finds us a place to live, the boys and I will fly out, and hopefully the timing works out for my mom to fly with us.

This isn't something that just came up...we've had this idea in our heads for quite awhile.  Joey's boss from Amazon moved to Coke, and they had talked about her getting him out there.  That gave us plenty of time to mull it over, make sure it was something we wanted to do, and most importantly, pray about it!  A little over a month or so ago the ball really got rolling, Joey flew out there for an interview and they offered him the job.

I have so many things to talk about, that I can't really focus my thoughts.

Pretty much every person we tell, immediately focuses on me and how I'm doing.  Am I ok?  Am I stressed? Am I nervous? Am I sure?
And I am really really excited.  For as long as we've had to think about this, I've never thought, should we do it?  My prayer this entire time has been that if it is where God wants us, for everything to work out so well that it leaves no doubt.  Its obviously a huge decision to leave your entire life and move across the country.  And I can honestly say every little detail, big and small, has worked out above and beyond our expectations.
My fears at the beginning were never, are we making the right decision.  I was worried about the logistics of moving across the country with 2 small children.  But you know what, people do it every day and we can too.  My fears were just things out of my comfort zone, that I knew would work themselves out.
I knew this month would be crazy, trying to sell the house, purge our stuff, make a ton of decisions, etc.
But I can deal with crazy for a month, and I know that in a month it will all be over and I'll have dealt with all of it.

I saw this quote on Instagram - "Why not live a big life?"
And not that our life here isn't great.   We didn't want to look back when we were 80 and think...what would have happened if we'd moved to Utah?  So we're not.  We're going to find out :)  I am so thankful for this little life I'm living, and thankful to wake up every day excited to see what happens.  I told Joey the other day, I feel so lucky because I don't look forward to any day, because every day is good...I don't have to be waiting for some day in the future, I enjoy them all.

That being said, I've never experienced true bittersweetness like this.
Its just a sadness to be leaving something great behind, but I think where we're going will be really good for our family.  

Right now our focus is getting our house sold. We have been so blessed that Joey is taking 2 straight weeks off work. Last week all we did was work on the house. We didn't relax all week. This week we still have a few things to do, but we want to just spend our time relaxing and visiting with family and friends and enjoying Lexington. 

I of course will use the blog to document our move. We've known about this for a few weeks and I never blogged about it because I didn't really know where to begin. Putting the For Sale sign in our yard made everything feel a little more real! Soon I am going to do a room by room tour of our house. 
I am going to miss it so much! 

I'll end this rambling post here. More details to come! 
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Meeting Thomas the Train!

Last weekend, we along with some of our best friends, took all of our boys to meet Thomas the train.  We have some train obsessed little boys in our crew!

Waiting to board...I swear the boys really were excited ;)

Slightly obsessed with these people!!

I think out of everything, the train tables were still everyone's favorite.

Fun little day with best friends!
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Everyday 2015 :: 12

May 26:
Put Shep in charge of grocery shopping.
Double rainbow!

May 28:

Dinner with Lindsay!

May 29:
My little 3 musketeers!

May 30:
Tara is home for the summer from Haiti...starting our tour of our favorite restaurants with some Saul Good.

June 1: 
My view at the gym.

June 2:
This boy keeps me on my toes all day long!

June 3:
It breaks my heart in the best way when I think about how big this yard must seem for his little boy exploring adventures.

June 4:
About 2 minutes after I took this picture he threw up e v e r y w h e r e.  No idea where this little bug came from, but luckily it only lasted 24 hours.

June 5: 
Part II of our favorite restaurants tour: Pazzos.  We met here twice a week for lunch when we were in college.

June 6:
Our crew riding Thomas the Train.

June 7:
Leaving church with Gigi and Hallie.

June 8:
So proud of these little angels.  Shepherd was so excited when the forecast called for rain, and as soon as it started they both ran out and started dancing.

June 9:
Our Blue girl.

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God the Father

Since becoming a parent, I've thought about God as in "God the Father" in a way I never had before.

One example: I have plenty of examples of this happening, but I'll give you the freshest one on my mind.
When we took the boys to the aquarium, in the very first room you go in, there was a vending machine.  Shepherd was mesmerized by the vending machine and wanted to push all of the buttons and get himself a drink.  We had barely made it inside, hadn't seen anything cool yet, and my son can not get past this vending machine.  He's having a fit because I'm trying to tear him away from it.
"Shep, we are going to see so many cooler things! Sharks and penguins! Crocodiles! You can pet a stingray! Come with me!"

I wonder how often, we are hung up on something ridiculous, and can't move on, when our Heavenly Father has such bigger plans for us.  Things we couldn't even imagine.  Experiences, relationships, growth.  How many things do we miss out on because we can't get past the vending machine we think is so worthy of our time?

I also think about how as a parent, I want to take care of my children.  I want to give them good things. But sometimes those things don't happen because of their behavior.  A small example: We need to take a nap, so you'll be in a good mood later today when I have something really fun planned for you.  God has given us clear instructions of how to live.  I've caught myself saying, "Major! Come on! I have big plans for you, lets go take a nap now so we can do it later."

"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you.  Plans to give you hope and a future."
Jeremiah 29:11

Once I had Shepherd, it so changed my view of God...gave it a whole other dimension I'd never really thought about.  God the FATHER.  I think about how much I want whats best for my children, want them to have good things, good relationships, experiences, etc.  How much more does God want that for his children?

All of this to say, I love that there is so much power in prayer.  We say grace before dinner every night. Shep can not be in the mood to eat, be intent on continuing to play with his toys, but as soon as we say, "lets say our prayers" he always comes to the table.  I am not exaggerating when I say he holds each of our hands and squeezes his little eyes shut, the entire time.  The entire time.  It is the most precious thing.  I can't help but believe that that is the Holy Spirit, working in my child, already being an example of how prayer changes things.  You can feel God's presence as we say our prayers. 

A lot of times if I am trying to get Shep to go to sleep, I'll offer to pray for him.
I am making a conscious effort to not "water down" prayers I say with him.  I want him to hear me talk to God and for that to shape his own relationship.
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from the vault: four

Shepherd was about 3 months old here.  I look back at these pictures and they are some of the best days of my life.  Not perfect, but So Good.  There were growing pains that came with adjusting to being parents, but thats not what I remember.  My first baby, it was such a magical time in so many ways.  Which is a weird thing.  Its a good thing, but it can be kind of sad?  Not sad... wistful or nostalgic.  But I think thats the point.  Live every day, week, that you can look back and be thankful that you have perfect memories, and make as many of those as possible.  Thats really all you can do.  I always get emotional thinking about my children growing up, but its going to happen.  I know right now I am living my best days.  Maybe not.  I hope not.  But all we can do is make the most of each day, because time is going to pass no matter what.  I think back to different years of my life and I would gladly relive them.  I also have times I would gladly erase ;)  I want to make as many days I'd want to relive as possible.

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