Everyday 2015 :: 12

May 26:
Put Shep in charge of grocery shopping.
Double rainbow!

May 28:

Dinner with Lindsay!

May 29:
My little 3 musketeers!

May 30:
Tara is home for the summer from Haiti...starting our tour of our favorite restaurants with some Saul Good.

June 1: 
My view at the gym.

June 2:
This boy keeps me on my toes all day long!

June 3:
It breaks my heart in the best way when I think about how big this yard must seem for his little boy exploring adventures.

June 4:
About 2 minutes after I took this picture he threw up e v e r y w h e r e.  No idea where this little bug came from, but luckily it only lasted 24 hours.

June 5: 
Part II of our favorite restaurants tour: Pazzos.  We met here twice a week for lunch when we were in college.

June 6:
Our crew riding Thomas the Train.

June 7:
Leaving church with Gigi and Hallie.

June 8:
So proud of these little angels.  Shepherd was so excited when the forecast called for rain, and as soon as it started they both ran out and started dancing.

June 9:
Our Blue girl.


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