leaving our first home.

It is 1 week away.  ONE week.  
It kind of hit me about a week ago.  I looked at my calendar and realized we only had 2 weeks left in our house.  And I had a little middle of the night cry sesh.  
I have always gotten crazy attached and sentimental about homes.  I have cried every time I've moved anywhere, dorm rooms, apartments...I cried when Joey moved out of the house he was living in when we met.
Leaving this house is very emotional.  When we bought this house it was so outdated and needed a ton of work.  And most of that work has been done by my husband.  I just am thinking about all of the work he's done, from landscaping to painting to laying tile.  It is sad to leave a house that we made a home.  When we were house hunting, and we came to look at this house, I didn't even want to go upstairs.  We had more houses on our list and I didn't want to waste our time.  I thought that drug dealing squatters were crashing in the house and couldn't imagine living in it.  It was SO outdated, with the original stove and saloon doors going into the kitchen.  But Joey was sold on the backyard, and I've told him, as hard as it is for me to admit ;) he was right.  No other houses we were looking at would have been as good as this one.  
I can't even get into the fact that we brought our babies home here.  I remember each day.  First Shepherd, and it was hot and our front door was painted yellow, and we came inside and just stared at him, not really sure what to do.  And Major, it was the most snow I've ever seen and freezing outside, and Shepherd had his awful little buzz cut.

Never again seeing their sweet little nurseries that we put so much time and effort into...kind of makes me want to weep.
Thinking of all of the parties and dinners we've had here.  Such fun times.

When I was having my little midnight cry sesh, I had this thought.  I pray that in a year or two or ten, whenever it is time for us to move on from wherever we live in Utah...I hope and pray I am doing the same thing.  Crying in the bathroom at midnight to be leaving a house we've made a home and moving on.  That will mean we did it right.  I've said this before...time is going to pass no matter what, and I ache for some of the past, but all I can do is make every day the best and have those memories.

We were never going to live here forever, but this house will always be so special to me.  I will probably attempt to internet stalk whoever buys it hoping for pictures of the house and drive by it every time we're in town.  Lets be honest ;)


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