what's up wednesday

My very favorite blogger is Mix and Match Family so I decided to join her link up party today.

1. What we're eating this week
A lot of takeout...last night was only the second time we've cooked since moving into the new apartment, and we had tacos.  But other than that we've been going and picking something up every night!  Chinese, Dominos and Texas Roadhouse to name a few!  I'm ready to get the kitchen a little more organized so I can start having dinner ready when Joey gets home...or at least soon after ;)

2. What I'm reminiscing about
I don't know that I'm reminiscing about anything in particular...but I am already feeling homesick!  We both are.  We weren't anticipating feeling homesick so soon, I thought maybe around the holidays.  But hopefully once we are a little more put together and comfortable we'll feel better.  So I guess you could say I'm reminiscing about the comfort of our old house.  Renting is already not my favorite.

3. What I'm loving
Our new backyard!  It is so nice and the boys are obsessed with the trampoline.  I may be a little bit too ;)

4. What we've been up to
The unpacking is done and now we are working on organizing and thats about it!  I really can't relax until I feel comfortable in my own home.  We went to Ikea this afternoon and got a few things that will make it easier to organize.  

5. What I'm dreading
I have a habit of waking up with Major in the middle of the night, then once he's back to sleep, I lay there and think of every worse case scenario, and everything I need to do, and then I can't sleep.  Last night I couldn't sleep because I was worried about how the boys rooms are on the other side of the apartment and what if there's a fire?  That is a little off topic, but the question made me think of it.  I also was thinking about how I need to find a doctor/dentist/pediatrician etc and even though we have Cobra insurance until Joey's new insurance starts in 2 months, no where up here accepts our KY insurance.  Maybe I should have changed this question to "what is stressing me out?"
However in the day, none of these things worry me.  Right now I'm thinking, "it will all be fine." and I know it will!  For some reason in the middle of the night I just get crazy.  Maybe its the LACK OF SLEEP. (cough cough Major)

6. What I'm working on
I feel like a broken record, but um...organizing?  My to do list today includes finding somewhere to donate all of the stuff we are getting rid of.

7. What I'm excited about
Our plan now that we are on a different side of the country is to make the most of our weekends, exploring Utah and also going on little mini trips.  We have started a #lawhornbucketlist of things big and small and we're going to work on checking it off!  I'm most excited about the Grand Canyon!

8. What I'm watching/reading
Well this past Monday was the Bachelorette finale and I absolutely loved it.  That show sucks me in!! I say it every time, I hope their love lasts :)  I thought Nick handled himself really well, and I thought Kaitlyn and Shawn both looked like assholes for the way they treated him.  But I don't care, I like them both anyway.

9. What I'm listening to
My very favorite song right now is "Late to the Party" by Kasey Musgraves

10. What I'm wearing
I never take outfit pictures of myself but I looked through my phone and had a picture of the boys outfits for the Pioneer Day cookout we went to last weekend. (Pioneer Day is a real holiday in Utah celebrating when the Mormons got here and settled the land. Joey even got a half day off work.)

Other than that I am probably wearing gym shorts and a t-shirt every single day :)

11. What we're doing this weekend
We talked about maybe going into Salt Lake City to visit Temple Square, or maybe checking out the aquarium that is right down the road.  Not sure what we'll end up doing!

12. What I'm looking forward to
Feeling comfortable here and knowing my way around.

13. What else is new
Just an excuse to share this picture of Shepherd playing dodgeball with some neighborhood kids, including two who live above us. (We're renting a basement apartment.)  He was the youngest kid and they were sooo good with him.  He was so excited.  My heart!!!

14. What I'll miss most about summer
Well I'm not sure what to expect out of a Utah winter.  I had prepared myself for lots and lots of snow, but a local here told me that last winter it only snowed twice.  I'm hoping for another mild winter :)

Annnnd I barely made it...still Wednesday on Mountain time ;)
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Little Cottonwood Canyon

We went up to the Snowbird Resort to check out the tram ride to the top of the mountain.  It is so pretty here! It doesn't seem real.  No matter what time of day, or the weather, the mountains are always beautiful.  It should be noted, we are not appropriately dressed for even a tram ride.  My legs were so sore the next day.  And my arms from having to hold Major the entire time so he didn't go over the edge!  I thought we were going to have a Sound of Music moment at the top.  Not the case! 

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We (barely) made it to Utah!

After what can only be described as one of the worst days of my life, the boys and I, and my mom made it to Utah.
If anyone wants to see me, start booking your flights, because I will never get on a plane with these two again.  Actually, Shepherd was great.  Major...I love you, but SHEW.  I'm pretty sure at one point he licked the bathroom floor.  
Actual conversation I overheard.
At the end of a FOUR AND A HALF HOUR flight, during which Major screamed bloody murder for what felt like hours.
The guy behind us: "Can't wait to get married and have kids..."
My mom announced to the plane, "The birth control is free, people."

In his defense, our flight was delayed, so right at his bedtime, here please sit in my lap for nearly 5 hours.  A lot to ask of an 18 month old.  

They cried, I cried, but in the end WE MADE IT! 

All of the following plane pictures were taken on our 1st flight.  We traveled for 16 hours.  A direct flight to Utah was only about 3.5 hours, but Joey was so anxious for us to get here, he was desperate and booked last minute, so there were no direct flights available.  So we had a 1.5 hour flight, a layover, and then a 4.5 hour flight.  Plus driving to the airport that morning.
Anyway, all of these photos were taken on the first flight when things went relatively smoothly.  No pictures were taken on the second flight because we were just trying to keep everything together!

I will say, I am so thankful.  Because we booked last minute, originally none of our seats were together.  I was so stressed out about this I was making myself sick.  I was just going to not get on the plane if they tried to really make Shepherd sit alone.  Luckily, I really believe there were angels on the plane, because for both flights it worked out for all three of us to sit together in the same row.  One woman offered without even being asked to trade her window seat for Shepherd's middle seat so we could all sit together.  God is good!!!

I hate suckers!

Covered in sticky sucker drool, so tired he's barely awake but won't go to sleep, and still have to wait out our layover and go through about 5 hours on a plane.  FUN.

And the next day, we were at the hotel and had him all dressed and ready to head to the new house, and he just crawled up on my mom's lap and fell asleep.  Poor guy did not move a muscle for almost 2 hours.  I guess terrorizing his mother and fellow travelers can wear a boy out!

And the next night.  I'll tell you one thing about Shepherd, this kid knows how to relax.  After a warm bath, he insisted on just staying in his towel and crawled up in the King size bed and watched cartoons and snacked until I made him get ready for bed.

We have been going non-stop since getting here and have barely had a moment (or a place) to sit down.  Joey found us a great rental, and we are still trying to get everything unpacked and settled.  I'll share pictures soon!
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Everyday 2015 :: 15

June 30:
I really needed a Coke to go with dinner ;) Pretty sure I looked like the worst mom, dragging them out when the skies were that dark. Luckily it waited until we got home to pour the rain. 

July 1:
2 weeks later, Shep is still talking about this day :) The Children's Garden at the arboretum with Grayson! Thomas and Percy were there and I've never seen them so excited. 

Wading in the creek! 

Later that night, good-bye dinner with one of my best friends, Lindsay! I love this girl! 

July 2:
Walking around the block. 

July 3:
Joey's sister, Jen, got married in our backyard. They had been planning on just going to the courthouse and realized the night before that it was closed for the 4th of July holiday. She looked very pretty and I am so sad that we had to miss her bigger reception because we were already out of town! 

July 4:
Fireworks and a picnic with our friends :)

July 5:
The last day the boys were in Lexingon.  We spent the day with Joey's family saying our goodbyes and celebrating Matthew's 6th birthday.

July 6:
Packing day!

July 7:
Moving day!

July 8-16
(All of these days have run together!)

Love sleeping babies.

Water baby.

This boy wears himself out every single day! Mom took him on a walk around the block and said about halfway he reached and wanted to be held, and just laid his head down and fell asleep.

Their sleep schedules are so off...

Night out for dinner and walking around the river!  One reason Tara is the best friend ever: the day before this she picked me up at 7am and drove us 3 hours back to Lexington, cleaned my entire house with me for 5 hours straight, then drove us 3 hours home.  So thankful for selfless friends!!

20 years of friendship:

Kentucky drives.

Part of Shepherd's Truck Tour of Owensboro courtesy of Pappy.

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Shepherd's Truck Hunt with Pappy

While we were in Owensboro, my dad made it his mission to find every cool truck and train in town to show to Shepherd.  We saw many more than this, but this night in particular was so much fun for Shep.  I'm not sure how the city of Owensboro would feel about these pictures, but we had fun ;)

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