Everyday 2015 :: 14

June 15:
Three precious boys eating ice cream cones.  We love hanging out with Mills!

June 16:
He get SO proud whenever he makes a circle with his trains and it breaks my heart!

June 17:
I wish I had a picture of our big event this day.  Joey's cousin, Lacey, surprised us by texting me and saying she was coming in for a few days, because she didn't want us to move across the country without meeting Shep and Maj.  Lacey had lived in California and recently relocated to South Carolina, so we were thrilled to have some time with her!!  But I didn't get any pictures :(

Staying up past his bedtime to catch fireflies with Mom, Dad, Caity and Lacey.  We had all of Joey's siblings up for a cookout in honor of Lacey's visit!

June 18:
If this is not the face of an angel...

Later that day.  He and Joey made his train circle into a heart and put and "M" for Mom in the middle.  

June 19:
Reading his favorite book with Dad.

June 21:
Again, we were too busy for a lot of pictures this day! Which sucks because this was Father's Day AND Joey's birthday! I did steal these from Joey's sister, Jen. 
Blowing out the birthday candles!

And two collages, one for my husband on Father's Day and one for my dad!

Again, we had all of Joey's family up to celebrate his birthday and Father's Day.  This was Major after everyone left.  He was worn out from playing so hard!

June 22:
We came home after picking Shep up at VBS and there was an Amazon package on our porch.  Shepherd was sooo excited when he saw it had minions on it.  He has never even seen the movie with minions (Despicable Me?) but he knows who they are from those darn YouTube videos of the lady opening the egg.  And he is obsessed!

June 23:
I have a separate post planned for all the fun Major and I had while Shepherd was at Vacation Bible School this week, but here was our adventures on Tuesday: Tropical Smoothie, Story time at the library, and Waveland to play on the playground.  It was the best day!

June 24:
The park with Mills.

June 25:
Joseph-Beth story time and feeding the ducks with Mills!

June 26:
The mall play area.  We headed straight to Bath and Body Works after this to wash our hands ;)

June 28:
"I have a good idea, Mom! How 'bout you get in my bed!?"


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