Everyday 2015 :: 15

June 30:
I really needed a Coke to go with dinner ;) Pretty sure I looked like the worst mom, dragging them out when the skies were that dark. Luckily it waited until we got home to pour the rain. 

July 1:
2 weeks later, Shep is still talking about this day :) The Children's Garden at the arboretum with Grayson! Thomas and Percy were there and I've never seen them so excited. 

Wading in the creek! 

Later that night, good-bye dinner with one of my best friends, Lindsay! I love this girl! 

July 2:
Walking around the block. 

July 3:
Joey's sister, Jen, got married in our backyard. They had been planning on just going to the courthouse and realized the night before that it was closed for the 4th of July holiday. She looked very pretty and I am so sad that we had to miss her bigger reception because we were already out of town! 

July 4:
Fireworks and a picnic with our friends :)

July 5:
The last day the boys were in Lexingon.  We spent the day with Joey's family saying our goodbyes and celebrating Matthew's 6th birthday.

July 6:
Packing day!

July 7:
Moving day!

July 8-16
(All of these days have run together!)

Love sleeping babies.

Water baby.

This boy wears himself out every single day! Mom took him on a walk around the block and said about halfway he reached and wanted to be held, and just laid his head down and fell asleep.

Their sleep schedules are so off...

Night out for dinner and walking around the river!  One reason Tara is the best friend ever: the day before this she picked me up at 7am and drove us 3 hours back to Lexington, cleaned my entire house with me for 5 hours straight, then drove us 3 hours home.  So thankful for selfless friends!!

20 years of friendship:

Kentucky drives.

Part of Shepherd's Truck Tour of Owensboro courtesy of Pappy.


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