Joey made it to Utah!

Just a quick update on what's going on with us. After 3 days on the road, 1800 miles and 6 states, Joey made it to Utah. Our friend, Whisman, went with him to keep him company on the road. 

On their way, they dropped me off in Owensboro, with the boys and my family. We had dropped the boys off with my parents on Sunday night, then went back to Lexington to get the house packed and cleaned. 

This was Monday:
Three people came from the moving company and packed up our entire house in about 12 hours.

This was Tuesday:
This giant semi came and loaded everything we own. It looks like we have a ton of stuff because almost every single item is individually wrapped.

So today is Joey's official first day at his new job. He is missing us like crazy and wants us out there yesterday. We think we found a place to live and I'll post more when it's official. We are hoping to get out there very soon! Until then, the boys and I are enjoying spending time with my family. 


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