Major's week as an only child...

For about 2.5 hours every day ;)
Last week Shepherd went to Vacation Bible School, and for a few hours each day I had Major all to myself.  We had the best time! Before Major was born, Shepherd and I had so much one on one time, but Major has never really had that.  I loved getting to give him all of my attention, and we got to go out and do some things I normally wouldn't do if I had two kids to chase after.

Monday morning, I got to wake Shep up.  I never get to see how he sleeps, because I wait until he wakes up on his own to go get him.  My sweet boy!!
We had to be at VBS at 9, so I woke him up about 8:30.

I don't have any more pictures from Monday because we got a text that morning that we were having a house showing that afternoon, and after dropping Shepherd off I rushed home and cleaned like a crazy person. Then while we were out of the house for a showing I drove two sleeping boys around town.

On Tuesday, we dropped Shep off and while in line at Panera, I remembered there was a Tropical Smoothie in the neighborhood, so we headed there instead.  I love Tropical Smoothie and the one within walking distance of our house closed.
We got our smoothies and headed to the library to meet Mills for storytime.  Major loved the parachute :)
After the library, we went to this little "park" with Tress and Mills.  It is actually a historic home/museum but it has a playground. I'm sad we didn't realize it was there or we would have gone all the time.
Giving Max kisses bye bye:

And begins the documentation of Shepherd napping for the first time in forever.  VBS wore him out!

Major would have been happy if I let him just play in my car and pretend to drive, but we had park plans ;)

This is a park I would never go to, because there are too many places for me to lose one of them while chasing the other, but with just Major, I could handle it.
Loving on Mills! These boys are so sweet!
Went to the church to pick up Shepherd and had some time to kill so we just played on the lawn.  Every time Major sees one of these sewer things he uses it as a stage and starts dancing on it.  

I thought Shepherd's art project for the day was so cute.
Shepherd has never napped on the couch in his life.  He fell asleep in the car, slept through me getting him out, standing in the driveway trying to convince Major to follow me inside for about 5 minutes, running inside and putting him on the couch.  Then he slept for about an hour through Major screaming and bringing toys to him.  Major was very concerned that Shepherd was asleep on the couch ;)
That night we grilled out with Tress, Mike, Mills and Max.  The boys had a blast.

We went to Joseph Beth for story time and playing at the train table.

Then headed outside to feed the ducks!
I love his little tip toes.

Major is so funny...whenever he notices something he wants you to see, he literally just points at it and screams over and over.  Here he is screaming "Du du du du!!" for duck and "Ak ak ak ak ak" for quack quack.

I am so going to miss being able to meet up with my best friend every day and letting our boys play together :( One of the hardest parts of moving!!

Showing off his sweet painting he made.

Showing off his new ball he picked out at Joseph Beth.

And Thursday's nap:
Man I wish this was every day.  Shep has dropped his nap altogether.  This week wore him out!

Thursday night we had a house showing, so the four of us went back to Waveland to play while we waited.

I cannot get over Major.  He climbed up this big boy ladder all the way to the top on his own.

Joey and Shep call this a "tornado mado" 

Love all this open space to run!

I needed a few things at the mall (makeup and Shep a 4th of July shirt) so after we took care of that I let Major play in the play area.  
I followed him around the whole time, but at one point he was content playing so I stepped back and leaned against the wall to watch.  He didn't know I was watching, and I see him look around trying to find me.  When he realizes he doesn't see me, he laughs in delight and takes off out of the exit and runs away! I wonder how far he would go before he decided it wasn't fun?  What a stinker.

Waiting for VBS to end:

Shepherd's little book he made that day, telling a Bible story.

This was a really long post, and I don't expect that anyone is still reading.  But I just had to document my time with just Major all to myself.  We had the best week and Shep had fun at VBS.  Although ever since he makes a point everywhere we go to ask me to not leave him... Hopefully I didn't traumatize him! ;)
So glad we had this time to relax and enjoy ourselves before our crazy month that is coming up, and moving across the country!

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