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These speak to me!!

Why not have a big life? So excited to see what our future holds and take on our new adventure!

// No question there is a God.

Maybe one of my very favorite things ever written.  Read it all here.

The ache!! This is so true for me.

I remember one late afternoon I was driving my children around the town in circles just to get them to sleep and get myself out of the house.  I was on the phone going on about it to my grandma, and she told me the same thing.

Maybe not entirely accurate, but pretty funny.

I very rarely wear jeans. Once when I was wearing jeans my friend asked if I got my hair cut because she didn't know why I looked different.

Be joyful and do good.

One of my favorite things that my dad taught me, is the freeing knowledge that I can do whatever I want and don't have to explain myself.

Pardon the language, but its kind of true.

Each of these things:

The homebody life:

Dixie Chicks:

With all of the gay marriage opinions dominating everyone's newsfeed, my aunt shared this and I loved it:


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