We (barely) made it to Utah!

After what can only be described as one of the worst days of my life, the boys and I, and my mom made it to Utah.
If anyone wants to see me, start booking your flights, because I will never get on a plane with these two again.  Actually, Shepherd was great.  Major...I love you, but SHEW.  I'm pretty sure at one point he licked the bathroom floor.  
Actual conversation I overheard.
At the end of a FOUR AND A HALF HOUR flight, during which Major screamed bloody murder for what felt like hours.
The guy behind us: "Can't wait to get married and have kids..."
My mom announced to the plane, "The birth control is free, people."

In his defense, our flight was delayed, so right at his bedtime, here please sit in my lap for nearly 5 hours.  A lot to ask of an 18 month old.  

They cried, I cried, but in the end WE MADE IT! 

All of the following plane pictures were taken on our 1st flight.  We traveled for 16 hours.  A direct flight to Utah was only about 3.5 hours, but Joey was so anxious for us to get here, he was desperate and booked last minute, so there were no direct flights available.  So we had a 1.5 hour flight, a layover, and then a 4.5 hour flight.  Plus driving to the airport that morning.
Anyway, all of these photos were taken on the first flight when things went relatively smoothly.  No pictures were taken on the second flight because we were just trying to keep everything together!

I will say, I am so thankful.  Because we booked last minute, originally none of our seats were together.  I was so stressed out about this I was making myself sick.  I was just going to not get on the plane if they tried to really make Shepherd sit alone.  Luckily, I really believe there were angels on the plane, because for both flights it worked out for all three of us to sit together in the same row.  One woman offered without even being asked to trade her window seat for Shepherd's middle seat so we could all sit together.  God is good!!!

I hate suckers!

Covered in sticky sucker drool, so tired he's barely awake but won't go to sleep, and still have to wait out our layover and go through about 5 hours on a plane.  FUN.

And the next day, we were at the hotel and had him all dressed and ready to head to the new house, and he just crawled up on my mom's lap and fell asleep.  Poor guy did not move a muscle for almost 2 hours.  I guess terrorizing his mother and fellow travelers can wear a boy out!

And the next night.  I'll tell you one thing about Shepherd, this kid knows how to relax.  After a warm bath, he insisted on just staying in his towel and crawled up in the King size bed and watched cartoons and snacked until I made him get ready for bed.

We have been going non-stop since getting here and have barely had a moment (or a place) to sit down.  Joey found us a great rental, and we are still trying to get everything unpacked and settled.  I'll share pictures soon!

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