Thanksgiving Point {Dinosaur Museum}

On the same day we went to the farm, we followed up with the dinosaur museum. 

Real paleontologists work there and you can watch them work.  I had a Ross Gellar moment ;)

My monkey did his best to destroy the place.

A little out of the way corner with dress up clothes, and this fun puzzle.

Little boy, big dinosaur.

Like I said, trying to tear the place down.

The best part was this area where they could play in the sand with dinosaurs and it had water running through it.  As a mom, I LOVE anytime there is a play area, with only one exit.  That way I just have to guard one spot in case someone tries to escape :)  They looked so cute in their aprons.

At the end of the museum, they had another large area set up where the boys could use paint brushes and dig for fossils.  Very fun!

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Major William - 18 months

My Major,
You've had a big month, with a lot of changes going on.  Like always, you just go with the flow and are happy anywhere.  You are the funniest little thing!  You don't even try to be, but somehow you always have us all laughing.  You're really just goofy.  The other day you didn't realize you were making the funniest face.  Shepherd and I were cracking up and when you realized we were laughing at you, you started laughing right along with us.  You love your big brother and also love to terrorize him.  You always steal one of his toys and run as fast as you can away from him because you're scared.  Then you either hide behind me or throw it the other way so he'll go for the toy and not you ;)  In your defense, he's not great at sharing!  I love that you're old enough now for the two of you to actually play together.
I am so happy I am your mommy! We love you so much, Major!

Weight: 22lb, 8oz (22%)
Height: 33.5 inches (77%)
Head circum: 48.2 cm (70%)

At his 18 month check up with his new Utah pediatrician, we were told something we've never heard before...that he is tall and lanky.  Every other appointment we have always been told he will be on the petite side and is in the 30% all around.  I've never put too much thought into percentiles, so we will see!

18 month clothes, size 5 diapers.

Naps everyday at 1pm, usually 1.5 hours.

Sleeps 8ish-8ish, waking 1-2 times/night.  (As of right this second...this changes way too often!)

Still nursing.  Before nap and bedtime, and maybe once more during the day...oh and when you wake up in the night.  Wish you would stop waking up so often! ;)

Loves to dance.  His signature dance move is his Single Ladies hand.

Loves to read the same books over and over. (And over.)
(Truck Stop and Goodnight Gorilla are two favorites.)

Loves pointing out body parts and telling you animal sounds.

Can't say "Shep" but calls Shepherd "Brah" for brother.

Waves at everyone he sees whenever we are out.

Jumps around and dances all the time.  I love that when he jumps, he actually gets both feet off the ground.

Is not attached to anything.  Just started sleeping with a blanket, but if he wakes up in the night he throws it out of the crib.

Loves putting his shoes on/wearing shoes.  Weird little quirk right there :)

Loves jumping off things.

Likes to go in Shepherd's room to wake him up in the morning.

Has no fear.

Pretends to dramatically fall down on the floor so you'll react.

Still loves his paci.

Went on his first plane ride.


We always say, "wheres Major?" and he covers his eyes and then we say "Peek a boo!" and he erupts into giggles.

This picture perfectly sums up this funny boy.  Always smiling and laughing.  We love you, Major!
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Thanksgiving Point {farm}

Last Saturday we went to a place called Thanksgiving Point.  It has 4 main attractions as well as some shops and restaurants.  One attraction is a farm/zoo, so we started our day there.

Playing in the little houses:

Major loved all of the animals.  He is big into his animal sounds these days.

Pony rides!  The cutest!!

Tractor rides:

Horse drawn wagon ride:

We are loving our Utah weekends!  After the farm we headed to a dinosaur museum, but I'll have to do a separate post for that.
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Park City

We have been keeping ourselves really busy on the weekends.  After last Saturday at Lagoon, we spent Sunday in Park City.  They held the Winter Olympics there in 2002.  We got to watch the ski jumpers practice.  In the winter they practice with a pool since there isn't snow.  After the show we went inside where they had a museum set up of Olympic memorabilia.

Notice the skier in the air!

Holding the Olympic torch.

Olympic medals:

This is one of the things I remind myself that makes moving across the country worth it.  We are getting to give our boys experiences they never would have had.  The Olympic torch!
We had planned on exploring the little downtown area, but everything was shut down for a bike race or something like that.  We will definitely go back!
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Last Saturday we went to a theme park here, called Lagoon.  We got to go with Coke, who was having a little company picnic type deal, so we got free lunch, too!

Waiting in line.  I promise the boys were excited ;)

Shepherd was most excited about the train.  It traveled around a lake and passed different zoo animals...lions, zebras, kangaroos...

One of two rides Major got to ride.  Its tough being little!  

The carousel!

Shep riding rides all by himself! He cracked us up all day.  His face when that whale ride started...a little faster than any of us anticipated.  I was laughing so hard I cried.  My boy is not what I would call a thrill seeker ;) (Takes after his mom and dad!)

Lagoon had a whole section set up to look like the town back when it was first settled.  Shepherd loved the train shop.

I'll say this about Utah, there is a ton of stuff to do with kids! We are very much enjoying our weekends!
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the mall train

Last week on a search for a Sephora, we ended up at the nicest mall.  We were on the second floor when all of a sudden we hear a "Choo! Choo!" and see this cute little train drive by downstairs.  Shepherd was SO excited and his sweet little excitement was contagious.  He kept saying, "We have to catch up, Mom!" and we rushed around trying to figure out how to get back downstairs.  I have never seen a mall with a train in it before, and we had so much fun riding it around.

We also took a ride on some (3) quarter machines and not pictured, a carousel!

Capped off our trip with some time in the play area.  I know other moms agree, it is so nice to find somewhere for your kids to play where they are 1. contained and 2. have very slim chances of hurting themselves.  This little play area was perfect.

Still no Sephora though :(
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A few pics of our new home

Because we aren't sure how long we're going to be in Utah (there was talk of a transfer in a year) we are renting.  Going from owning our own home to renting has been an adjustment for us, and we look forward to buying our next house!  (It would be nice if our Kentucky house would sell!)
We are renting a basement apartment from a family with 5 kids.  Shepherd is obsessed with the kids and calls them his "new friends" and always asks if we can go outside and wait for them.
We are still getting settled and figuring out where we want everything, but here are some pics.

The house:

The backyard (and our entrance):

Kitchen/Dining room:

Living room:

Hallway to guest room and boy's bathroom, also you can see the laundry room door peeking on the right:

Master bath:

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Motherhood right now

Trains, trains, and more trains.

Making it from the house to the car before we need an outfit change.

Flinching all the time bc I'm constantly getting hit, things thrown, etc. Boys are rough!

Trying to see inside Thomas the Train blind bags so Shep can get a train he doesn't have yet. On that note, looking up YouTube videos to figure out the numbers for each train so we can get a new one. 

Sitting in the dark of their rooms, so they can fall asleep knowing I'm right there with them. 

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