A few pics of our new home

Because we aren't sure how long we're going to be in Utah (there was talk of a transfer in a year) we are renting.  Going from owning our own home to renting has been an adjustment for us, and we look forward to buying our next house!  (It would be nice if our Kentucky house would sell!)
We are renting a basement apartment from a family with 5 kids.  Shepherd is obsessed with the kids and calls them his "new friends" and always asks if we can go outside and wait for them.
We are still getting settled and figuring out where we want everything, but here are some pics.

The house:

The backyard (and our entrance):

Kitchen/Dining room:

Living room:

Hallway to guest room and boy's bathroom, also you can see the laundry room door peeking on the right:

Master bath:


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