Last Saturday we went to a theme park here, called Lagoon.  We got to go with Coke, who was having a little company picnic type deal, so we got free lunch, too!

Waiting in line.  I promise the boys were excited ;)

Shepherd was most excited about the train.  It traveled around a lake and passed different zoo animals...lions, zebras, kangaroos...

One of two rides Major got to ride.  Its tough being little!  

The carousel!

Shep riding rides all by himself! He cracked us up all day.  His face when that whale ride started...a little faster than any of us anticipated.  I was laughing so hard I cried.  My boy is not what I would call a thrill seeker ;) (Takes after his mom and dad!)

Lagoon had a whole section set up to look like the town back when it was first settled.  Shepherd loved the train shop.

I'll say this about Utah, there is a ton of stuff to do with kids! We are very much enjoying our weekends!

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