Major William - 18 months

My Major,
You've had a big month, with a lot of changes going on.  Like always, you just go with the flow and are happy anywhere.  You are the funniest little thing!  You don't even try to be, but somehow you always have us all laughing.  You're really just goofy.  The other day you didn't realize you were making the funniest face.  Shepherd and I were cracking up and when you realized we were laughing at you, you started laughing right along with us.  You love your big brother and also love to terrorize him.  You always steal one of his toys and run as fast as you can away from him because you're scared.  Then you either hide behind me or throw it the other way so he'll go for the toy and not you ;)  In your defense, he's not great at sharing!  I love that you're old enough now for the two of you to actually play together.
I am so happy I am your mommy! We love you so much, Major!

Weight: 22lb, 8oz (22%)
Height: 33.5 inches (77%)
Head circum: 48.2 cm (70%)

At his 18 month check up with his new Utah pediatrician, we were told something we've never heard before...that he is tall and lanky.  Every other appointment we have always been told he will be on the petite side and is in the 30% all around.  I've never put too much thought into percentiles, so we will see!

18 month clothes, size 5 diapers.

Naps everyday at 1pm, usually 1.5 hours.

Sleeps 8ish-8ish, waking 1-2 times/night.  (As of right this second...this changes way too often!)

Still nursing.  Before nap and bedtime, and maybe once more during the day...oh and when you wake up in the night.  Wish you would stop waking up so often! ;)

Loves to dance.  His signature dance move is his Single Ladies hand.

Loves to read the same books over and over. (And over.)
(Truck Stop and Goodnight Gorilla are two favorites.)

Loves pointing out body parts and telling you animal sounds.

Can't say "Shep" but calls Shepherd "Brah" for brother.

Waves at everyone he sees whenever we are out.

Jumps around and dances all the time.  I love that when he jumps, he actually gets both feet off the ground.

Is not attached to anything.  Just started sleeping with a blanket, but if he wakes up in the night he throws it out of the crib.

Loves putting his shoes on/wearing shoes.  Weird little quirk right there :)

Loves jumping off things.

Likes to go in Shepherd's room to wake him up in the morning.

Has no fear.

Pretends to dramatically fall down on the floor so you'll react.

Still loves his paci.

Went on his first plane ride.


We always say, "wheres Major?" and he covers his eyes and then we say "Peek a boo!" and he erupts into giggles.

This picture perfectly sums up this funny boy.  Always smiling and laughing.  We love you, Major!

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