Thanksgiving Point {Dinosaur Museum}

On the same day we went to the farm, we followed up with the dinosaur museum. 

Real paleontologists work there and you can watch them work.  I had a Ross Gellar moment ;)

My monkey did his best to destroy the place.

A little out of the way corner with dress up clothes, and this fun puzzle.

Little boy, big dinosaur.

Like I said, trying to tear the place down.

The best part was this area where they could play in the sand with dinosaurs and it had water running through it.  As a mom, I LOVE anytime there is a play area, with only one exit.  That way I just have to guard one spot in case someone tries to escape :)  They looked so cute in their aprons.

At the end of the museum, they had another large area set up where the boys could use paint brushes and dig for fossils.  Very fun!


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