the mall train

Last week on a search for a Sephora, we ended up at the nicest mall.  We were on the second floor when all of a sudden we hear a "Choo! Choo!" and see this cute little train drive by downstairs.  Shepherd was SO excited and his sweet little excitement was contagious.  He kept saying, "We have to catch up, Mom!" and we rushed around trying to figure out how to get back downstairs.  I have never seen a mall with a train in it before, and we had so much fun riding it around.

We also took a ride on some (3) quarter machines and not pictured, a carousel!

Capped off our trip with some time in the play area.  I know other moms agree, it is so nice to find somewhere for your kids to play where they are 1. contained and 2. have very slim chances of hurting themselves.  This little play area was perfect.

Still no Sephora though :(

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