our new car! and a story about Major.

So we didn't get the van or the Armada...we got an Expedition.  I feel a little silly/excessive/indulgent having this gigantic thing, but I guess with three kids in car seats, a large vehicle is necessary.

So yesterday I was sitting outside while the boys were playing.  I was trying to read and in an hour and a half I got through 6 pages because I kept having to jump up and keep someone from impending death.  

At one point, about 5 seconds after I had last looked up, I see Major over on the side of the yard that is unfinished and basically wilderness with the threat of snakes, playing in a woodpile.  Of course he won't come to me, so I have to make it through the rocky dirt in my bare feet to get him.  After that, again, I had just looked up, and I look up again and don't see him anywhere.  I jump up and realize the gate on the side of the house is open (its never open) and he has escaped the yard.  Of course I can't just run to him, because again, I am barefoot and instead of mulch here, everyone has tiny little rocks that are impossible to walk on.  But I have no choice so I make my way over the rocks to keep him from running into the road.  After that I was done so we went inside.
So today, I am in the bathroom getting ready, and the boys are watching Daniel Tiger in the living room.  Shepherd, my rule following first born, runs in to me, panicked and trying to get out what he wants to tell me.  I finally gather that he is telling me that Major is outside.  Thats right, he has somehow unlocked two locks and opened the back door. 

 Thank God Shepherd ran to tell me or I literally may have lost him.  Now we have to buy a child safety thing for the door handle.  He is only 19 months old, I'm terrified for what I'm going to be dealing with as he gets older! 
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Everyday 2015 :: 17

September 10:
Trying on his new boots.  This kid loves shoes, it is so funny.  He wore them all day.

September 11:
I love when he sneaks off and I catch him playing by himself.

September 12:

September 13:
Park City for the afternoon

September 15:
Heading out for some morning adventures.

September 16:
Our first glimpse of little Baby #3.

September 17:
Another outtake of trying to get them both holding signs.  Love his little face.

September 18:
Meeting up with some families from my MOPS group from church.

September 19:
They love playing in the bath together.

September 20:
His face when I told him to smile for the camera.

September 21:
Saying the blessing before dinner! ANGEL.

September 22:
I thought he looked so big in those shoes and socks.  Side note: His crocs are the ONLY shoes he will ever wear, he says everything else hurts his feet, and we have somehow lost them.  

September 23:
I wonder if his little curls will stick around? So cute!

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random ramblings

I hate potty training.  And all I can think is, I have to do this 3 times!

You may remember I fractured my tailbone when I had Major.  Well 19 months later and it still hurts, so Joey ordered me a tailbone pillow to sit on.  He then pointed out that if I were to bring it anywhere people would think I have hemorrhoids, so I won't be taking it out of the house.  Side note: another reason I hate potty training...today Shepherd peed on my pillow, even though the bathroom was 10 steps away.  GRRR.

These chocolates are the best ever.

We are car shopping and trying to figure out what we want to buy.  We need something with a third row to accommodate three car seats.  Let me tell you something about my husband.  He has a one track obsessive mind about certain things.  I know that now that he's started car shopping we'll probably have a new one within the week because he gets so focused.  Now, we do not agree on what we want.  I personally want a Honda Odyssey.  I've agreed to look at whatever he comes up with, but I just think a van makes the most sense, and anyone I know who has an Odyssey loves it.  He wants an SUV, a Nissan Armada is his current pick.  I'm like, lets get over ourselves.  We are NOT cool, we have THREE kids, lets just EMBRACE THE MINIVAN.  We'll see what happens.  There have been multiple times in our marriage that I've just given in because I know he's not going to let it go.  But I want a mom van :)

Our Coke fridge:
We love that Joey gets a big discount on Coke products :)

Last weekend we met up with some other families from my MOPS group I joined at church.  This was the cutest little place with shops and a scavenger hunt to find different themed witches.  I told Joey I bet it is so cute at Christmas.

Shepherd was not a fan of the witches.

This guy however, loved it.

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1st Trimester Update on Baby #3

Well I know this is completely obnoxious, but my 1st trimester can be summed up by saying, 
Am I Sure I'm Pregnant?
I even took a second test a few weeks after I found out because I am not kidding, not ONE SINGLE SYMPTOM.
The only time I've ever cried at an ultrasound is when we saw Baby #3 for the first time and I asked her to turn up the heart beat.  I was so relieved.

With both Shep and Major, I had it really easy, but not like this.  With both of them, I didn't have a big appetite, was nauseus but not throwing up, and was super grossed out by smells and meat.
This time, I started to worry when I was in the middle of shredding a chicken for dinner and realized I wasn't gagging.  That was the day I took another pregnancy test.

 Now that I'm a little further along, the only symptom I have is occasional acid reflux, which thankfully I can take something for.  Oh, and lets not forget rapid weight gain.  BOOOO. People who are sick for 9 months hate people like me who have it easy and I hate people who have a cute little tiny belly and leave the hospital in their pre-pregnancy jeans.

I'm currently 15 weeks.
Due date is March 15!
Baby is the size of a large naval orange.

So some differences between a first and even second pregnancy and the third:

No way I would have waited until I was 14 weeks pregnant for my first doctor appointment with my first baby.  This time I figured it was fine :)

No way I would have not wanted to find out the gender with our first baby.

1st pregnancy I took weekly bump pictures starting immediately.  This time I'll probably take some when we get further along, so Baby #3 will have them to look at one day ;)

It is much harder picking a name for this baby.  I have a favorite and Joey has a favorite and we don't agree.  Oh and can I tell you that he has just now decided that he really likes the name Blue?  Hello I can't name my baby something I already named our dog, because he swore he would never name a child that.  Or can I??  Reminder: I am ahead of the times ;) I'm using the argument that he has now changed his mind about Blue, so he should listen to me about my #1 baby name he "says" he doesn't like ;)

And 2 more pictures of Major because he's the cutest:

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Finding out I'm pregnant for the 3rd time!

OK, so here is the story of the day I found out I was pregnant for the THIRD time.  Joey was already in Utah, the boys and I were staying at my parents house, and we were flying out the next day.  I had kind of started to think I could be pregnant, but I assumed my period was late because we had so much going on and I was stressed.  I had made Major a doctor appointment in Owensboro so he could be up to date on his immunizations.  
Side note: only picture I took that day:

After we left his appointment, I decided to run in Kroger and get a pregnancy test.
Now yall know moms cannot ever get a freaking minute to pee alone, so I went in the bathroom with an audience and took the test.  Positive.  I don't recall what I whispered to myself, but it was definitely a curse word.  Baby #3, know I love you with all of my heart, but I was not expecting this!!
I didn't have time to process it, so I stuck the test in a drawer and went on about the day.  Later I snuck back up to the bathroom to make sure the test really was positive.  It was the most definitive double pink line it could be.  I hadn't told anyone I had taken the test, and I planned on not telling anyone until after we got to Utah and I could let my husband be the first to know.  I wanted to tell him in person so I could see his face.  
That night all I could think about was, I am moving ACROSS the country, away from every single person we know, I'll have no support system, no babysitters and I am going to be in charge of 3 KIDS, ages 3 and under.
So the next morning we were leaving for Nashville early.  My mom was flying with us and my dad was dropping us off at the airport.  That morning I was SO stressed out.  I was worried it was obvious that I was pregnant and secrets stress me out, I was beyond stressed about flying with two toddlers, traveling all day, a layover, and mostly worried about the fact that our tickets had us all seated separately.  I was so stressed out that I was making myself sick.  I didn't know if it was morning sickness or just stress, but either way I felt like I was going to throw up any minute.
I couldn't take it anymore and I had to tell my mom what was going on.  She was running around getting stuff together, we were supposed to walk out the door in about 15 minutes and I say, "Mom, I have to tell you something" and then I burst into tears.  "I'm pregnant and I'm about to throw up."  I'll never forget her face, haha! I definitely took her by surprise.  She kept saying, "Its ok, its ok.  Its a good thing!"

Fast forward to that night at the hotel.  We made it through the day without me throwing up, and as soon as the day was over I felt fine, so I'll chock it up to stress, not morning sickness.
After weeks we were all finally reunited with Joey! So that night, we are at the hotel about to go to sleep.  Major was sleeping in a pack n play in my mom's room and Shepherd was sleeping in bed with us.  I tell him that I have to tell him something...I'm pregnant.  He's like, "You're joking, turn off the light, lets go to sleep."
After I convinced him I was serious, he was ecstatic. Later, after we had turned off the lights and tried to go to sleep, Joey said he couldn't sleep because he was so excited.

I am about 15 weeks now and the baby is due mid March!
Some things I plan on blogging about, now that our pregnancy is announced:
1st trimester update
How we accidentally found out the gender
Why I am now having to consider a C-section

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So, we've been keeping some big news!
Baby Lawhorn #3 is on the way!

I found out the day before the boys and I were flying to Utah.  I couldn't even tell Joey right away, I had to go through an entire day of traveling, haha!  I wanted to see his face when I told him.
I'll post next week about finding out and telling Joey.
I am 14 weeks!
I will share this sweet story.  I had my first doctors appointment this past Wednesday.  Joey brought the boys in for the ultrasound and Major was SO SWEET.  He was so concerned about me.  He kept looking at Joey and Shepherd and giving each of them a kiss, then looking over at me and patting my arm and holding my hand.  He is going to be such a sweet and fun big brother.  I'm sure Major will be getting #3 in trouble and Shepherd will be attempting to keep them all in line.
Can't wait to be a family of 5!
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Park (City) Silly Sunday Market

Last weekend we checked another thing off our Utah bucket list and went to the Silly Market in Park City.  They had the cutest little main street to wander around, and an entire street set up with booths of vendors.  Of course, as we are looking for a parking spot, a trolley drives past us, so that was Shep's first priority.  

Riding the trolley:

He looks so big:

Neither of them will ever look like they are having a good time for the camera, but they loved the ride!

After the trolley ride, we headed to the market.  We had kettle corn and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, listened to a band, saw animals, including a loud parrot that Shepherd was not a fan of.

And I bought myself this ring:

A nice little Sunday!
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The best rainbow ever

Yesterday, after a long rainy day, we had the prettiest sight in our backyard.  A double rainbow!
It was the first day its really rained in Utah since we've been here.

Some pictures from our rainy day.  Joey ordered them these rain boots and we got them right in time.

The rain really made Major's curls come out.

When Joey got off work we met him at a park to play and get our steps in.

Stopping on our walk to check out the water:

I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth.
-Genesis 9:13
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I chopped my hair off!

After stalking my girl Kristin Cavallari for about a year and obsessing over cutting my own hair, I finally bit the bullet and chopped off 10 INCHES!


Going to donate this!

My inspiration pics:

Honorable inspiration mention going to Brooklyn Decker:


I love it and I'm excited to not need FOREVER to wash and dry and style my hair anymore ;)
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