1st Trimester Update on Baby #3

Well I know this is completely obnoxious, but my 1st trimester can be summed up by saying, 
Am I Sure I'm Pregnant?
I even took a second test a few weeks after I found out because I am not kidding, not ONE SINGLE SYMPTOM.
The only time I've ever cried at an ultrasound is when we saw Baby #3 for the first time and I asked her to turn up the heart beat.  I was so relieved.

With both Shep and Major, I had it really easy, but not like this.  With both of them, I didn't have a big appetite, was nauseus but not throwing up, and was super grossed out by smells and meat.
This time, I started to worry when I was in the middle of shredding a chicken for dinner and realized I wasn't gagging.  That was the day I took another pregnancy test.

 Now that I'm a little further along, the only symptom I have is occasional acid reflux, which thankfully I can take something for.  Oh, and lets not forget rapid weight gain.  BOOOO. People who are sick for 9 months hate people like me who have it easy and I hate people who have a cute little tiny belly and leave the hospital in their pre-pregnancy jeans.

I'm currently 15 weeks.
Due date is March 15!
Baby is the size of a large naval orange.

So some differences between a first and even second pregnancy and the third:

No way I would have waited until I was 14 weeks pregnant for my first doctor appointment with my first baby.  This time I figured it was fine :)

No way I would have not wanted to find out the gender with our first baby.

1st pregnancy I took weekly bump pictures starting immediately.  This time I'll probably take some when we get further along, so Baby #3 will have them to look at one day ;)

It is much harder picking a name for this baby.  I have a favorite and Joey has a favorite and we don't agree.  Oh and can I tell you that he has just now decided that he really likes the name Blue?  Hello I can't name my baby something I already named our dog, because he swore he would never name a child that.  Or can I??  Reminder: I am ahead of the times ;) I'm using the argument that he has now changed his mind about Blue, so he should listen to me about my #1 baby name he "says" he doesn't like ;)

And 2 more pictures of Major because he's the cutest:


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