Antelope Island

On Labor Day weekend, we were a little sad thinking about our friends enjoying college football tailgates and Labor Day cookouts.  But we managed to find really fun things to do with our 3 day weekend and kept really busy.
Saturday we decided to check Antelope Island off of our Utah bucket list.  We weren't sure how kid friendly it would be, but a bucket list is a bucket list.
Antelope Island is a huge island in the middle of Great Salt Lake.  It was pretty deserted and untouched.  We parked and as I got Shepherd out and Joey was getting Major, I noticed a huge bison in the parking lot!  We decided to keep our distance and headed the other direction.
We hiked down to the water (easier said than done).  We saw other people down by the water and I kept saying there had to be an easier way! Joey was having to hold both boys because I couldn't handle one.  Later in the day we realized there was an entire spot for beach access by the "restaurant."  Wish we'd realized that ;)

Obsessed with this funny boy!!

Rock climbing!

This bison, along with two of his friends was right outside the window of our car!  I zoomed in, but he really was close.  That thing could have knocked our car over...made me a little nervous.

So pretty, exploring our new state!

I'll add Sunday of our Labor Day weekend in a separate post!  Hint: We couldn't let an entire weekend go by without a train ride :)

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