Everyday 2015 :: 16

Its been forever since I've done one of these.  Here we go again!

August 25:
So I was without a phone for nearly 2 weeks.  AT&T, I have no idea how you're still in business when you make it that hard for someone to hand over hundreds/thousands of dollars.
But this day, I finally got my phone.  And I am the least technological person, but I've never felt cooler than with my most up to date iPhone, an iPad and I also got a Jawbone to track steps and sleep, all in the same day ;)

August 26:
Playing outside.

August 27:
My happy boy! Playing in the park down the street waiting for Daddy to get home!

August 28:
My lap every morning :)

August 29:
Train table!

August 30:
Heading to meet Joey's boss, Ginny, after we got out of church.  After lunch we went to her apartment to play on the playground.

August 31:
Grocery shopping with these two...eek.

September 1:

September 2:
Playing with blocks in his pajamas.

September 3:
Potty training in full effect over here.  I made the mistake of thinking it would be easy peasy.  Not so much!  I always just let him run around naked and for probably 6 months he has gone to the potty on his own.  So thats what made me think it would be easy.  But having him in underwear is a different story.  He associates having underwear on as the same thing as a diaper and just goes in his underwear.  He has actually done really well going out in public, but I have him in pull ups, which I didn't really want to do.  Pooping is also another story.  He has pooped in the potty twice so far, once totally on his own.  But he literally poops about 3 times a week, so if we have an accident, we have to wait 3 days to try again ;)

September 4:
Back to the train table.

September 5: 
1st stop on our Labor Day weekend was Antelope Island.  Who knew I could "hike"?

September 6:
After church we headed straight to This is the Place: Heritage Park with Joey's boss, Ginny.  She is our weekend partner in crime!  The train ride was our main reason for going!

September 7:
5 am, I woke up to nurse Major and went to check on Shep and he was asleep upside down.  He thought it was hilarious when I showed him this picture.

September 8:
Another early morning shot.  Shepherd sneaks to our room almost every single night and this is how he was sleeping, kicking us both out of the bed.  I was so exhausted from waking up with Major that I literally just laid down in the hallway after getting Major back to sleep and napped there until they both woke up for good.

September 9:
Major and his little girlfriend.  This girl is absolutely adorable.  One night we were outside playing and I saw her sneak over and give Major a kiss on the cheek.  So precious.


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