Everyday 2015 :: 17

September 10:
Trying on his new boots.  This kid loves shoes, it is so funny.  He wore them all day.

September 11:
I love when he sneaks off and I catch him playing by himself.

September 12:

September 13:
Park City for the afternoon

September 15:
Heading out for some morning adventures.

September 16:
Our first glimpse of little Baby #3.

September 17:
Another outtake of trying to get them both holding signs.  Love his little face.

September 18:
Meeting up with some families from my MOPS group from church.

September 19:
They love playing in the bath together.

September 20:
His face when I told him to smile for the camera.

September 21:
Saying the blessing before dinner! ANGEL.

September 22:
I thought he looked so big in those shoes and socks.  Side note: His crocs are the ONLY shoes he will ever wear, he says everything else hurts his feet, and we have somehow lost them.  

September 23:
I wonder if his little curls will stick around? So cute!


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